Letterbox surprises

Yesterday afternoon my neighbour invited me to have a look in her letterbox.

On the  (umm…?) 29th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me….

One greeeeeen frooog….

Geez, I don’t know about the frog, but it would have made me jump when I bowled out to check the mail.

(Reckon he might be thinking “Just close the bloody door and leave me alone, ok”)

He’s been there for a week or so now. Not always during the day, apparently, but late afternoon, he’ll be back there, in his penthouse suite.

Somehow, I don’t think it’s quite what they were expecting in their letterbox in the lead up to Christmas!



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7 responses to “Letterbox surprises

  1. aaagh he looks like me uncle walt!

  2. Linda

    he looks cute, I am worried that he is a long way from water, particularly this time of the year

  3. Think of the creepy crawlies he’s eating for you!

  4. Your Uncle Walt, or your Uncle Kermit, Rootie?

    Neighbour and I were wondering why on earth he’s chosen this, in our street. You’re right, it’s not that close to water!

    He’s probably not eating as many creepy crawlies as the blue tongue lizards the neighbour reckons they have under their house, Jayne!

  5. My daughter would LOVE a frog in the letterbox… Me? No, not so much 🙂

  6. Frog trumps snails – especially as snails actually EAT mail!!

  7. How does he get in there?

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