More fool Wii

More fool we. Or rather me.

Who’s idea was it to get the kids a Wii?


Somehow, miraculously, we managed to get thus far in their lives, and mine, without any electronic gaming devices in the house whatsoever. Yep. No Gameboys. No Playstations. No.. um… (what else is there?) .. Xboxes.  No Nintendos, No whatever else there is. Yes, that’s right – our children are 16, 14 and 11, and they have survived their 90’s childhood, into the Naughties without any of these.

Can you believe it?

I feel a mix of great parental superiority, and guilt.  Superiority of the “my kids aren’t couch potatoes” kind… and guilt of the ‘my poor kids haven’t had what most other kids have had’ kind.

Yes, they have played them at friends’ places. Yes they have played computer games on the internet. (So they haven’t been completely deprived.)

Well, the ‘poor deprived children of the 21st Century’ mother guilt kicked in this year, and I suggested that Ms 14 and Ms 11 might like to share a Wii as a combo birthday present. Ms 16 expressed the opinion that Wiis were lame, which is why it never happened as a combined Christmas present last year, for instance. (And that’s  something to store in your memory banks, because I’ll be coming back to that little nugget a bit later.)

Anyway a Wii, at least was a relatively active electronic game.

It is driving me bloody MAD!

Perhaps I should have waited till we had the extensions done. (Or until they’d grown out of wanting one – who knows which might come first?)  Because, right now, the computer and the TV are in the same room – the loungeroom – which is essentially in the middle of everything.

And right now Ms 11 is playing some tennis game, and the jumping around, and swinging and swatting, and the exclaiming (when she misses), and the goddamn “music” is .. is…. mind bogglingly ANNOYING!

I can’t stand it!!!

But it’s a no win situation, because when they are sitting (like couch potatoes) doing the driving Wii game, I come over all disapproving because they are being like … couch potatoes.

AND! The ‘music’ drives me insane.

What price those cordless headphones, I wonder?  It still won’t alleviate the movement distraction, but it sure as hell might alleviate the incessant suicide inducing noise.

Funny (and annoying) too, how Ms 16 has suddenly decided it’s ok to play after all.

If you don’t feel sorry for me over this self inflicted misery in general, can I beg at least some compassion for how, as the parent, I have to manage the ‘invitation only’ participation  – on an ongoing basis – of the big sister who isn’t so cool for school after all.



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6 responses to “More fool Wii

  1. bushbabe

    Tee hee… nope. No sympathy here. Just turn YOUR ipod up girlfriend!!

    I avoided the car DVD players so many of our cohorts have (our car trips ARE pretty long out here) but succumbed to Nintendo DS onslaught of Xmas 2008. We lost our kids for about a month, but they got over it and returned none the worse for wear.

    Guess what’s in Santa’s stocking this Christmas? A wee little gift that Mummy tried SO hard to resist…

  2. Linda

    you fought it all for a long time, you did well. You now deserve those headphones, go buy them!
    I like the new portfolio tab and I am looking forward to reading THAT article as well!

  3. Wendy

    Well I think you deserve a medal for lasting as long as you have! Resisting buying anything that is electronic these days is nothing short of determination I say. Go out and buy some headphones and get over it!

  4. We have the Nintendo DS and it’s being updated this Chrissy as the console has become a tad dodgy BUT usage is time limited and I have no hesitation in confiscating it and hiding it for upwards of a month if the time limit is ignored.
    Only Wii in this joint is what the lemon tree gets when the dunny is occupied 😛

  5. I fought it also, then THEY bought one for ME for my birthday. Guess who uses it? (And it’s not me) although I do want the new Mario games, I think I would be addicted).

  6. What iPod, BB? If I can get to nearly the end of 2009 without any gaming consoles, what makes you think I would have an iPod?!!!! So what is Santa bringing to Granite Glen?

    Linda & Wendy, I’ve mentioned headphones before and it’s been poo-poohed by He Who Earns the Money.

    Jayne, I’m in awe of anyone who manages to strictly monitor usage. I can’t cope with trying to keep tabs on three of them.

    Rhubarb, now isn’t that a whole other blog topic about being bought things that the buyers actually want!

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