Procrastinating my way through another day.

So much to do, and all day to do it in. Mostly, though, I spend far too much time at the computer, not achieving much at all. Which is not to say that all the blogs I read are not worthy – but the cold hard truth of the matter is that my enjoyment thereof does not get me a cleaner house.  And my house, dear readers, is diabolical right now – a combination of general slackness on my part in the cleaning department, and too many years of leaving stuff  ’till we renovate’.

Renovation time doth approach (but not quickly enough – I will save the update of that for another post) – and meanwhile we  have pretty much reached the point where we are living in chaos. CHAOS, I tell you.  (Seriously, if you happened upon my house, with the door open, for instance, you’d probably assume the place had just been ransacked.)

The only positive I can milk out of it is that we are a pretty reasonable advertisement for the theory of building up immunity to dirt and germs and everything else. [*runs around touching wood*] Mostly though, I just don’t invite anyone to my house, otherwise they would see us for what we really are…

So, anyway – where was I? That’s right – procrastinating. So naturally, yesterday, other than reading blogs (and the SMH online) I even watched a couple of episodes of Torchwood on ABC  iView. (Streamed video of shows that have been shown already on TV- and this month, with faster broadband (albeit not ADSL2 because our bloody exchange is not capable of it yet) – we can now watch shows.  Yay! They are a little bit jerky, but better than not seeing them altogether! Of course! Because TV shows are so important when there is so much to do around here.)

Every day I swear that I am going to turn over a new leaf, and get things happening around here. And every day I get sidetracked.

What is it that I do? What is it that fills my head?

I spend a bit of time most days trying to work out the afternoon/evening logistics. What to have for dinner, in between where 3 kids have to be at what time. And whereabouts The Husband Who Plays Sport Four Nights a Week fits in to all this.

(Oh look, I’m a bit harsh – he missed his Touch game last night because he had to travel away for work. Him work, me here procrastinating. Hardly fair, really…. Well, anyway he should hopefully make it home in time to play netball with the girls tonight…)

Today, to make things more interesting than usual, I’ve got a dentist appointment at 4.30 for a reluctant Ms 16.  (Getting in just in time to claim the 2009 Medicare voucher for free teenager checkup for that has been sitting on my corkboard for some months.)

But also. Ms 11 has to be at her swimming class at 5.30.  And Ms 14 and Ms 16 (and Ms 14’s friend who is coming round here to work on a school project) must be dropped at Twilight netball at around 6.00. (I think! Do both have to umpire in that timeslot? I don’t know yet. It’s all so confusing!)

My brain is still working on the car shuttle logistics for all that. (Plus, note to self – call into supermarket for milk.)

Ms 11 must be picked up from her swimming class at 6.30.  And then she has to pack for her school camp!  She leaves at 6.30 tomorrow morning – back Friday!

Something easy for dinner perhaps? As the netballers won’t get home till after 8.00.

Back to the here and now.

I DO do stuff. I have mowed both front and back yards, and am about to put a third load of washing out.

I am rescheduling listening to the last modules for my online course till tomorrow so that I can make some sort of noticeable inroads on the cleanliness of the house today.

I am going to try not to spend too much time on the computer (although I continually prescribe myself coffee and ‘some internet time’ on a variable schedule of positive reinforcement.)

++ Edited to add later: Just made banana walnut bread. As you do, when you should be cleaning! ++

And if you think I’m sounding ever so slightly insane, it’s because, quite possibly, I am.



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6 responses to “Procrastinating my way through another day.

  1. I thought you were just having a normal day, because it sounds like my sort of day!
    You are feeding the family dinner, you made a cake, you are doing the car trip thing and you mowed the lawn, that is enough for one day. RELAX and if some visits you it will be for your great company!

  2. Wendy

    Well it is so good to know that I’m not alone …lol!
    I thought I was the Queen of Procrastination – but as Linda says, maybe we all have that sort of normal day and fit in everything and think nothing of it?
    I have done heaps today but still feel guilty because I haven’t really done anything – IYKWIM? I am trying to get over the guilt feeling all the time and I must admit that it is self inflicted because no one here apparently notices if the floor has been done – only if I leave the vacuum out for one of them to trip over and then I comment on how much housework had been done today!!!
    Here are some tips for you Tracey – put the kitchen timer on for the amount of time you would like to be on the computer. When bell rings, either a) ignore or b) get up and extend time. I have found the 2nd option hazardous though, often getting sidetracked and hanging out washing or something. Best to stick to option a).
    Have a fun day!

  3. I think you did enough – you know me, queen of the list (and always fail)

    I like the timer idea – I can assure you, the mental “just another 5 minutes” or “just until 1” doesn’t work…

  4. Walk away from the housework…it’ll still be there when you get back from a good book, seriously.
    As for mowing…!
    You know the grass will only grow again, you’re encouraging it, you know 😛

  5. Oh Jayne, I’ve been walking away from the housework for years. And the grass? Well, I needed to be able to get to the clothesline – plus I was starting to get embarrassed about the front. At least the cut grass stays done longer than the vacuuming.

    Jeanie, I aspire to your list strategy. (Actually, you’ve been showing off a bit lately with all this stuff you’ve been ticking off!)

    Wendy, your timer idea is pure genius – and would work perfectly for me! It is a bit hazardous too, the getting up bit, and getting distracted. LOL.

    Yes, the guilt is always with me that I haven’t done enough. Obviously I don’t get enough positive reinforcement for what I do get done – what do you reckon, Linda 😉 ?

    * Yesterday I also managed to clean bathroom vanities, and wave the vacuum cleaner around a bit, and spend half an hour on the phone to Telstra.

  6. When CHAOS reigns in this house (which is frequently), and I HAVE to do something about it (eg guests coming), I become ‘Queen of the Timer’!

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