Two good deeds

This afternoon when I was walking on the beach I spotted this bit of glass in the sand.


Eep. Imagine someone stepping on that!

I confess I’m a bit slack when it comes to picking up rubbish on the beach  – which sadly, we do get – but I really should change my attitude and just automatically take a plastic bag with me and do my bit for the earth.

I spotted it on my way up, so thought (given that there weren’t many people on the beach at the time) I’d grab it on my way back. I nearly missed it though, as a mere 20 or so minutes later, with  the tide coming in, some waves were starting to lap over it.  I spotted it though, and grabbed it.

Then, a few metres later, I spotted a pinkish bit of paper.

Ooh,  my lucky day!  Five bucks!

But there was an older (than me) couple not far up the beach from me – and the bloke looked as if he’d just come out of the water. He was drying himself off and putting more sunscreen on.  (Mind you, earlier there had been some young guys mucking around in the water too… but they were gone.)

So, I did the right thing, and approached them.  “Have you lost any money?” I asked.

Now, I’m really not sure whether he caught a glimpse of it before I had the foresight to put my hand behind my back. He started muttering about a $5 bill in his pocket. (He sounded North American to me – an Aussie would have said ‘note’ I think.) I suggested he check. An lo and behold, it wasn’t there.

So I gave it to him.

However I can’t quite allay the niggling doubt that he just scammed me. Or the voice in my head telling me that if he was dopey enough to go swimming with a five dollar note in his board short pocket (that has no fastener) then he deserved to lose it.

Oh well.

That’s TWO good deeds today Universe.  I hope it doesn’t go unnoted!



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9 responses to “Two good deeds

  1. Darn – I thought the universe was paying you. I hope the recipient passes the good deed along and you end up with a third thing worth far far more…

  2. It must be nice to take off for a walk on the beach, I am glad that you take advantage of being so close to it and do it. Good idea about the plastic bag.

    But a BIG BUGGER to you! It didn’t sound as though it was his did it? Maybe you will find something of more value to makeup for your good deed. Hope you do!

  3. I know you don’t believe in God, but I do and here’s my thought: God looks at what we do, not at how people receive it. You did a good thing, and that’s all that matters.

  4. I should have said to the guy “Pay it forward” shouldn’t I Jeanie!

    We are so very lucky with this beach, Linda.

    Rootie, no, I don’t believe in some being watching over us and keeping tabs on what we do or don’t do, and I really feel uncomfortable if people misinterpret me on that. I was really just attempting a bit of tongue in cheek humour (probably because of the money being involved!)
    I certainly don’t go about on a day to day basis expecting to be spiritually rewarded for good deeds. Always trying to do the ‘right thing’ is simply hardwired into me. (I don’t always get it right, but I try.)

    My husband thought I was slack because I didn’t pick up the glass on the way up the beach. He thought I’d taken an unnecessary risk in leaving it there till I walked back. (The most annoying thing is that he is probably right!)

  5. Good on you!
    If it wasn’t his money Karma will bite him on the bum 😉

  6. I won $5.00 on the lottery after returning money that wasn’t mine. I’d have been further ahead to have kept silent but honesty got the better part of me.

    I’m earning my angel wings. * ha ha*

  7. I was hoping $5 was your good karma payment for picking up glass!

  8. Maybe, Jayne, karma will bite me on the bum for doubting him!!
    Honesty always gets the better of me, E.
    Yep, it felt like that MissyBoo! But Karma wouldn’t be so in your face, would it?!! LOL

  9. bushbabe

    Good on you. Might have been the American dudes (some of them are honest, you know)… *ducks flying fruit*

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