The price of fruit in my head.

mangToday (on twitter) Jeanie have been discussing the price of mangoes. They are coming into season here in Oz, and they are a big favourite with everyone in the family. (Apparently they are a big favourite with Jeanie’s bub-to-be. I think I’ve got it right – via more Twitter! – that bub goes off like a frog in a sock after Jeanie has had a mango, and I get the impression she is hoping that mangoes will encourage bub to get active, and get head down, bum up, and ready for an expedient exit!)

But I digress!

She mentioned that she saw them advertised for 99c at Aldi – but that she’d paid $2.50 for the one she was eating this morning. I commented that $2 each is my usual buying guide cut-off, and she said this was her usual M.O. but that this was for bub! (I wondered if they were cheaper up north in Queensland, but apparently not!)

Anyhow, it struck me (as it often does) how stupid I am. Well, that thought strikes me a lot, but on this occasion it’s in regard to the cost of fruit. How I’ll baulk at paying more than $2 for a mango, but then I’ll happily (albeit guiltily) chuck a $3.50.. $3.99 block of chocolate into my trolley. Or a $4.00 pack of “homemade” cookies from the bakery section.

For someone who is wanting to shed a few kilos, and who has relatively healthy inspirations as far as feeding the family, this is just ludicrous!

strawbI do similar things with punnets of strawberries. And blueberries. And, when it comes down to it, most fruit. $3.50 for strawberries? Daylight robbery! A packet of lollies (not that I buy them much, but…) $3.50 – or more –  and I don’t blink.

What is wrong with me?!

Just because fruit is seasonally priced, and varies with supply and demand (whereas you just gradually pay more for chocolate, while they change the packaging and reduce the amount!) we baulk at paying too much more than the lowest price we’ve ever fluked.

Time to change my priorities I think.

Doesn’t mean I’m not going to now scrummage around for the latest Aldi catalogue to see if I can snaffle some mangoes in town tomorrow for 99c each!  But I hereby swear that the next time I start eyeing off the Cadbury in the supermarket, I’m going to smack myself about the head, and go straight over to the fruit and veg section and get a mango (or other yummy fruit) to a similar value.

While yesterday I succumbed to the psychologically restorative properties of caramello chocolate (at the risk, I might add, that the subsequent self-loathing might do even greater mental damage), perhaps the same benefit could have been gained from the luxury of sitting and scoffing a whole mango all to myself! While one is supposed to limit oneself to two pieces of fruit a day, logic tells me that an extra piece of fruit (in the form of a mango, for instance) would be far better for me than half a block of Caramello chocolate!




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5 responses to “The price of fruit in my head.

  1. You get to eat mango alone?!!

    I was silly and allowed my child to taste it, and now any mango I buy requires sharing with ‘Salina.

    I was very smart in marrying someone who is not such a fan, however.

    I love fruit in Summer – nothing like a big container in the fridge with grapes ($8 kg cutoff), cherries (oh my anything under $20 but I close my eyes and only grab a few), peaches, nectarines, apricots (about $7 ) – and watermelon (2 for $5 on the side of the road here – travel slightly further and I can get them 3 for $5) and rockmelon (3 for $2 side of road deal or $1 each in local supermarkets).

    While baby loves mango dances, mum also loves her apples for there – um – properties in dealing with side effects.

    Still hoping for another month of in utero…

  2. Another so true story. My limit for a lettuce used to be $1.50 but I have had to stretch it to $2.50. I make a mean San Choy Bau and lettuce is a important and neccesary ingredient for the recipe.

    I am sorry I can’t share the recipe as I am such a copy cat of peoples blogs! It is becoming a thing I do a lot……

    Please take the kids to see WICKED if you can. It is a wonderful show, at their ages they will get right into it! I have seen it once but I am tempted to go again.

  3. Wendy

    I know I know (said in best Faulty Towers voice). I’m exactly the same ….. scrimp and save on everything else but don’t lash out on the good stuff. I’m seeing mangoes $2 average atm. However, if they are 99c at Aldi, I’m sure it would be a long queue outside on the day. I have seen people lining up before opening time and often wondered why!

  4. I don’t usually eat mangoes alone Jeanie! But I’m thinking it would be a damn good idea.

    Linda, if you’re not going to share your recipes on MY blog, then hurry up and put them on yours! 😉
    I buy so much iceberg lettuce (which is the only lettuce the girls like) it’s ridiculous. I just have to buy it whatever the price, as we would have salad at least 4 nights a week, and the girls currently have lettuce (with either egg, cheese or chicken) in a lavash for school.

    Wendy, I think some of those queues are Aldi are for things like BBQs or TVs! Personally I think it is a really strange store.

  5. I’m lucky if I get a taste of mango with my daughter around! That’ll teach me for sharing!

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