Expecto Patronum!


It suddenly occurred to me today where JK Rowling might have got her inspiration for the Dementors.  PM bloody S that’s what.   Well, that’s the sort of soul sapping mood I’m in right now.  There are Dementors hovering around, sucking all my positive thoughts.

I’m presuming it’s all P.M. low hormones and serotonin related.

So where’s a wand when you need one…?

What would your patronus be do you think?  And I wonder what mine could be.. should be…

Or, given the slight technicality that I’m not a witch (even if some people might think I am – albeit not your average non-Muggle, HP variety) – do you think doing the vacuuming might  help? (Maybe I could simply suck the bastards up?)


When all that fails, there’s always chocolate.



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10 responses to “Expecto Patronum!

  1. Linda

    You make me laugh out loud!
    I have noted that the last 24 hours have not been that great for you and the vacuming is still not done is it!
    The house will only get dirty again, you know that!
    Have another piece of chocolate with a cuppa, my shout.

    NOTE: On fb there is probaly a quiz for ‘What patronus are you?

  2. bushbabe

    Ah – always wanted to be Samantha in Bewitched. Wriggle that nose and tidy that room! Or nod that head and suck up those dementors… or am I getting my witch sitcoms mixed up?

  3. Bugger the vacuuming, go sit in the sun and get a bit of vitamin D for 10 mins.
    Then apply sunscreen and sit a bit longer….maybe read that magazine you’ve only flicked through…today’s paper perhaps…go on, another 5 mins won’t hurt….sit for a bit longer….oh, dear, it’s dinner time and no housework got done…
    Never mind, there’s always tomorrow ..;)

  4. When I get That Way…it’s like Sylar on Heroes- my eyes turn red, I develop a bit of a smirk, and I cut open people’s head and eat their brain. Or else I run them over with Terry’s rental truck (a HUGE thing you have to use a ladder to get into. Lousy gas mileage but awesome for running things over) It’s the only time I ever really exercise.

  5. Linda, you know I actually did wave the vacuum cleaner around a bit. Some parts of the house had got so bad that Himself even noticed I’d done it. Mind you, whatever I do doesn’t seem to make an impact, so many corners of dust, and cobwebs.

    BB, now I never saw Samantha with a wand, but I always used to wish I could wiggle my nose like that. (Wasn’t it in I dream of Jeanie – where Jeanie was a genie – that she did the nod of the head! – another very handy skill though I must admit, and no need to keep track of a wand.)

    Jayne, now I don’t need lessons in procrastinating! That’s exactly my M.O. most days, only not so much sitting out in the sun. (I had to ride my bike round to pick up a car from the mechanics, so I got some sun then!)

    The weird thing about yesterday Rootie, was that I just felt overwhelmingly down, but with no narkiness.

    Let’s just say, chocolate, and exercise (a walk on the beach) and by evening I wasn’t quite so bad.

  6. Chocolate and a walk in your Paradise is what I would have prescribed!

  7. I love it! I actually worked for Tabitha from Bewitched. (She’s no longer an actress but runs clinical trials.) She said that she was never able to actually move her nose that way that they did on the show. Hmm. My patronis? I’m thinking something with multiple arms so I can either (a) get more done on my runway to moving to England, or (b) easily whip up a batch of chocolate dumplings with my multiple hands. Probably an octopus, then!

  8. Hi Rachel! You mean one of the Murphy sisters who played Tabitha? (I’ve had to google that, mind you!)
    An octopus? – now that’s a good one.

  9. Yup — my boss was Diane Murphy. She’s the twin who didn’t end up being Tabitha after age 5, so sometimes it made for interesting “one-too-many-cocktails-at-happy-hour” conversation.

  10. Ahh, now how interesting is that!! Imagine being the twin who wasn’t chosen. Showbiz, huh. Well, that’s a new bit of trivia to store away. Look at the interesting stuff you can learn while blogging!

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