Take, rattle and roll.

Oh dear. You know you’re getting old when you have an array of pills to take on a regular basis. Shake me and I feel like I might rattle.

It’s not that I’m averse to taking pills. Sadly I can be quite a pill popper when it comes to pain relief.  I’m no martyr when it comes to headaches or random pains – hit me with panadeine or nurofen, baby. And if I have a bout of hayfever, I’ll move heaven and earth to get hold of the specific chemist-only tablets that actually work for me.  That said, I managed childbirth twice with just the gas, and once without anything, so I guess if I can see light at the end of the tunnel as regards pain, I am sometimes capable of  gritting my teeth and rolling with it.

But lately? Lately, my kitchen bench is starting to look like a chemist shop. (And the medicine stashes that my mother, and mother-in-law have.  Did I mention I was starting to feel OLD?)

OK. Two lots are voluntary and self prescribed. And ‘naturopathic’. After random stints trying Evening Primrose Oil, I’ve decided that they do have an anecdotal effect – smoothing out the bumps of hormonal mood swings.  I decide to take them regularly, but invariably forget.

Glucosamine gets a good rap from so many people, that, with my joints starting to misbehave the way they are, it seems silly not to give that a go. Invariably I forget to take them regularly too, so I’m not exactly helping myself.

So anyway, I went to the doctors yesterday, mainly to say ‘heellp!’ in regard to the shoulder and arm pains I’d been getting. (And the knees too. And the jaw.) She said it is quite probably arthritis (but is sending me for blood tests for the polymyalgia that my mum has had, as well as other general stuff, like cholesterol and that.)

“How do you diagnose arthritis?” I asked.

“If medication eases it,” she said. And gave me a prescription for Panadol Osteo to take three times a day.  And I’m supposed to continue to take it.

I’m not sure what I think about that. But right now, I can say that it seems to be helping, and, after the week I had, I’m quite happy to do anything to give myself a break, especially if it means I can keep walking and swimming.

Maybe after a while I can stop and see what happens.

I still don’t understand why the sudden onset, but I guess there’s nothing I can do but take them as prescribed, try not to rattle, and to roll with it.  If that’s the worst that can happen, then I’m doing ok.



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6 responses to “Take, rattle and roll.

  1. Linda

    Tell me about it! DH each morning lines up my tablets next to my breakfast cuppa. There is vitamins and a couple of prescribed things that I need to take.
    But the killer was last week, I went on holiday and I used one of those silly day boxes to keep my pills in. JUST LIKE MY MOTHER DID!
    UGH, what the hell has happened to me!

    I hope you get relief soon

  2. Linda

    I do like the updated photo on your page!

  3. First we worry about getting our mother’s arms and then her pill count!

    Welcome to life after 45. *laughing like mad*

  4. My cousin’s son has arthritis in his shoulders from too much swimming training when he was growing up (and surf lifesaving) and he’s only just turned 30.
    I’m starting to collect my tablets each morning…

  5. Wendy

    Ahh! I knew there was a reason why I didn’t take up fitness as a hobby! Soldier on Tracey – I’m sure things will level out after a while. I have an old foot injury which has come back to haunt me the last few years, not arthritis but apparently it will go that way eventually. I have found acupuncture really helpful. However, Nurofen is one of my best friends 🙂

  6. Stop laughing at us Elizabeth! This is serious! (Plus, I have to contend, so I am told, with the risk of behaving – or just ‘being’ – like my mother, who has been told, ad nauseum that she was turning into her mother)

    Thanks for the photo feedback Linda – did I mention I missed you while you were away?!

    That’s not fair for a 30 year old, Jayne! Now I can hardly say I’ve done intensive swimming training though.

    I will soldier on Wendy. If I don’t keep exercising I will be a candidate for Biggest Loser. Plus if I don’t get exercise endorphins, I’ll need more pills!! You’re not the first person to mention acupuncture – maybe I should give it a go.

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