Just like a woman.

My girl – my biggest girl, that is –  is becoming a woman.

Well, der. But, it’s certain milestones, beyond the obvious, that mark one’s journey to womanhood.

Certain milestones that mean I am going to have to learn when to share MY chocolate.

The other day, after the chocolate block she took control of disappeared just when I needed some chocolate, I decided to take control. I bought a block of caramello chocolate, broke up all the bits, and put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer.  I was going to ration them out for myself. Only one per day (to counteract my usual tendency to gorge on one or two rows at a time.)  I would have Total Control, and it wouldn’t be gone when I REALLY needed a piece.

Unfortunately Herself had spotted the block in the shopping.  I told her it was MY stash, to ‘buy her own’, but later she found it in the freezer door. I moved it further into the freezer and hid it under some frozen peas.

On Friday afternoon, I’ve headed off to my swimming class, but I’m not quite there when my phone rings.  It’s a missed call from Ms 16. Fearing that something has happened at home – after all, she and Ms 14 were arguing over usage of the laptop computer when I left – I ring back. [There was, it has to be said, an obvious correlation with Ms 16’s prevailing mood (which can only be described as snarky) and the time of the month, so I wasn’t sure if WW3 might have broken out.]

Message bank.   Grrrr.

Then she rings again.

“What’s the matter?!!!”

“Where’s the chocolate?”

“You rang me for that? Are you kidding me?!”…. I hang up.

Then I get this text:

Im frigging trying to counteract frigging girl crankiness and theres chocolate in the house but im not allowed to have any??!  I’m trying to control the attitude!!

Well, what can another woman say to that? Or a mother who has just given permission for her to go to an all-day music festival, and do other things involving ‘responsibility’ on the condition that she controls her attitude?




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11 responses to “Just like a woman.

  1. Buy extra chocolate.
    LOTS of extra chocolate.
    In fact, bypass the supermarket, do not collect $200 and go straight to the company.

  2. kenanddot

    Clever girl…

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

    Love your daughters thought processes… but it makes me dread teenagedom even more! I think I’ll hit the pause button on my 4 year old now.

  4. Wait for the next two. Then it will be time for me to buy shares in your favourite chocolate company.

  5. Wendy

    Oh dear – the angst of a female hormone ruled household by the sound of it. Have you seen the T-shirt that reads something like *hand over the chocolate and no one gets hurt*!?!
    Similar problems here I’m afraid, even though I am outnumbered by males in the house. With us it is chips that I used to hide in the freezer until I realized that all the chips being eaten were cold.

  6. Hmmm – where is her own stash?

    Speaking of which, where is mine… not that I have a reason except you mentioned chocolate, and suddenly I want chocolate…

  7. Hey Jayne, we did go straight to Cadbury this year! In Hobart! Amazing how the stash we came away with didn’t last that long, nor was it a good way to finish up a 9 day bike ride (if one was interested in losing fat rolls on one’s stomach, for instance.)

    Thanks for dropping by kenanddot – yep, she’s a bit too smart for her own good sometimes. Keeps my on my toes.

    Thanks for reciprocating the visit MissyBoo! (I just loved your cake! – I’ve got a post somewhere on some that I’ve done over the years… Um.. it’s Mmmm… cake ) Yes well, 4 was a good age, really. Soak it up! Run it in slow motion! (Not that having teenagers is all bad. There’s some good stuff, I promise!)

    You’ve got to feel sorry for Himself, don’t you E? With four of us to contend with? Me, I’ll need to get a job to pay for all the chocolate!

    Love the T-shirt Wendy! Now, chips in the freezer? I’m intrigued!

    Good question Jeanie. Her own stash? Melting, apparently, do you mind… There’s always an excuse to eat chocolate. Sorry to bring it up. Blame me. I’m used to being blamed for lots of things round here!!

  8. Linda

    You may be forced to taking up eating DARK chocolate, yes I know it is not as nice BUT the girls may HATE it and leave it alone.

  9. Nup, I’ve tried that, and they eat that too! They eat chocolate that I won’t eat. (I have standards, they don’t!)

  10. In those immortal Southern words:
    well bless her heart.
    I’m proud of her for at least recognizing it. I wish there were some equivalent to chocolate that I could use on my sons. That didn’t involve vehicles.

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