Slideshow mania

Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop. Besides which, it’s raining AGAIN, and so my only real alternative for entertainment today is vacuuming.

Well, what would you do? Upload photos and play around with presentation options? Or make a noise?

With the publication of my article (and with no adventures in the pipeline) I decided to reminisce about our July tandem tour again, and muck around with presentation. ie. showing the photos in a better way than linking them to a facebook album, (as I did when we got back and I first blogged about it.)

I even went so far as adding music to this one just to see what it was like. (There wasn’t a lot of choice there, ok.. but one of them actually kinda fits the bill – I can’t seem to control the order in which they play!!).  I’m definitely not a fan of automatic music on webpages, so this is definitely a ‘proceed at your own peril’ warning if you’re reading this on the home page of the blog.

[Ed: I don’t know how to solve BB’s ‘hotlink’ problem, but to minimise crash potential, I’ve gone to the previous posts with slideshows, and either split it off from the home page post (with a ‘read more’ option) or removed it.   Can’t have them crashing my home page when people come to my blog! This weekend happened to coincide with the start of an increased broadband speed for us (1500/256) so maybe it is just too much for slower connections.  Looks like it’s all very purty and that, but of limited use if it’s going to be such a pain. Oh well. I’ve had fun I guess. Better look for a different option next time. ]

If you’ve stumbled onto the post by other means I apologise!  I promise I don’t make a habit of it.You can turn the music off  – bottom left corner of the slideshow.*

I promise I’ll try and give the slideshows a rest for a while after this! Maybe it’s time to get the vacuum cleaner out!

I’m also interested in some feedback as to how these work on slower isp connections.  Thx!



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6 responses to “Slideshow mania

  1. bushbabe

    Still doesn’t like me trace – still getting msg about hotlinking…

  2. CRASH every time I try to load them. 😦

  3. No idea about the hotlinking, BB – maybe your isp, or a browser setting.

    Rhubarb, I can only think crashing is to do with connection speed, so I’ve split the posts (when read on the home page) so at least it shouldn’t crash when you come to my blog. What is your connection speed on your isp plan? (for interest’s sake..)

  4. Works for me.
    I never seem to be able to work up the energy to clean on bad weather days when it makes sense seeing as I’m trapped indoors.
    Today I hauled out the dust cloth on a 66F / 20 C day. The sun was showing the need. 😦
    Think after I sign off here I’ll go out and help P. rake and bag more leaves. Enjoy the out of doors before we hit the lower temps again.

  5. Linda

    I can see this with no problems, I love it. It really jazzes up your page!

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