Comin’ for a walk?

I’ve checked the time.  Well, it’s around 3.00, but, more importantly, it’s  low tide o’clock.

tidetimePerfect time for walking on the beach.
(No I don’t know what we did before the internet. I mean, there are tide charts you can buy in the newsagents, but seriously.. when you can get this online, for the current tide situation for your local beach, why would you?!)

Yeah, it’s cloudy, but I don’t think it’ll rain on us  yet.

november_island1Hello island. You’re looking a bit sombre today.

Heading north again… should go south every now and then, but I seem to swing automatically north all the time. Easy walking I suppose…..

Up to the rocks…  really exposed today.  Always different. Sometimes they’re all buried in sand.





You know we’re the only people on this stretch of beach at the moment.  Just for now. Just us….

…. and a bunch of galahs.

Down under, if you called a group of people a ‘bunch of galahs’, you’d mean they were a group of people being silly.  I suppose it comes from the racket a bunch of them can make. (mp3 file link). I saw one once doing a loop the loop over a telegraph wire – was a bit hard to concentrate on the game of tennis I was playing at the time.  So maybe they are clowns, and the idiom is warranted.

How do I know they’re galahs? (Silhouetted against the cloud like that..)  I can just make out the  the pink breasts and heads.


And just nearby… a kookaburra. (Singing…”Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree…”   hey, have you heard about Men at Work being sued for copyright infringement by using the tune to Kookaburra in a flute riff in the famous song ‘Down Under‘? )

Hmm, anyway… where was I?  That’s right.. a kookaburra in an old dead tree.. november_kookaburra
He wasn’t laughing at the galahs, though…

…. and meanwhile I’m getting a bit carried away with thinking I can take artistic
photos of dead trees…

Time to head back.
Ooh dear, looks a bit black back in the direction of home…

Still a bit of blue around. (More of that bloody island, but I liked the colours…)

This is turning out to be a bit of a birdwatching walk.
All day I’d heard this sound .
Definitely those yellow tailed black cockatoos.
They are big buggers. Noisy buggers too (as you can hear from the sound file!)
I can hear them again down here… There they are! Let’s try and get a bit closer…

Better be getting back. The kids will be home from school by now.


[I’m cheating a bit – this was actually yesterday afternoon. It did start raining not long after I got home, we had storms all through the night, it’s rained on and off today, and right now (;ate Friday night) it’s bucketing down outside.
Local town/city has had more than here I reckon – officially 375mm (about 15 inches) of rain in the past 24 hours, and it’s still going. Bit of local flooding going on…]



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7 responses to “Comin’ for a walk?

  1. Wendy

    What a lovely local walk you have Tracey. It must be nice to be so close to the beach. Great shots of the locals too! Wish we had some of that rain – it seems to have skirted all around us the last few days – maybe today is the day. Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for the lovely walk!
    Love the photos 🙂
    And the tide o’clock clock will be hunted down by moi for future reference this summer for the Vic coast visits 😉

  3. Rain finally stopped – total of about 460mm over a 36 hour period, and more flooding in the local town. I think we missed a bit of that (we’re 20 odd kms north), but houses and shops have been flooded AGAIN. Too much in one year….

    Glad you enjoyed the walk, girls. You’ll have to come with me again!

    Jayne, I’ve gone back in and put a link on that tide clock back to the home page for Australian tide times. Such a handy site. (I even discovered just now that it actually has our beach! – I’d been using the more major one about 5km north!)

  4. WOW! Look at those birds! We only see such in a pet shop! What a beautiful walk…maybe I’ll steal the idea, but it won’t be nearly as interesting.

  5. Enjoyed that even from a seated position.

  6. Linda

    yes a lovely walk BUT………….are you teasing me with those sound links?????
    Sorry…… you can see my computer was not fixed while I was away. I am just being cranky bitch for a couple of moments…….back to normal now!
    Only last week I was thinking about THAT kookaburra song. Do you think the song is PC now? The word GAY is used after all, sad isn’t it that it makes you wonder.

  7. Ahh, sorry, I don’t mean to tease you Linda! What? Not fixed yet?! You need to sleep with your computer guy, that’s what. Re the kookaburra song, I’m sure the wording has been changed to be more PC!

    Knock yourself out, Rootie. It’s not copyrighted (nor probably original). Plus, anywhere can be interesting, particularly if it’s different to what you’re used to.

    E, you know I’ve been metaphorically taking you along on walks and trips for a lot of years now!

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