I couldn’t help experimenting. For a while I’ve been wanting to show off these amazing photos taken by Ms 16 for a school art project. These are the raw, unedited photos. (One day she might actually show me her finished project!). I know for her project she did some cropping, and a bit of other photoshop magic, but hey… I love them the way they are.

As well as being proud of her ability to take them on a mere 3x optical zoom point and shoot camera, it is a reminder to me that my two girls can work together. That Ms 14 got up early to go up on the headland, just to help her sister, means more than I have the ability to soppily express. (And imagine the rolled eyes if I did…)

++ I’m a bit worried about these slideshows overloading browsers on slower connections, so I’ve put in a  ‘read more’ link – if you’re reading this on a home page – so multiple slideshows running at once won’t cause crashes. ++

OK, so this also shows another (of the many) slideshow options with RockYou. Won’t tell you how long it took me to choose which one to use.
I think I had better put my hands in the air, slowly get up, and step away from the computer…


Can you see the slideshow? One of my favourite people can’t.. *sulks*.. so if you could let me know yay or nay in the comments of this, or my previous post, I’d be most grateful! Ta!



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11 responses to “Sunrise.

  1. Nope darl – still can only see a message: No Hotlinking please. perhaps only wordpress peoples can see it??

  2. bushbabe

    Righto… got it! Had to be logged into wordpress though, so whoever is looking without a wordpress account may not see it…

    Looks fabulous… still blushing from the comments in the last post! Gosh, you…

  3. Still don’t understand that, as I could see it in other browsers when I wasn’t logged into WordPress!!

  4. COOL! And since you’re on wordpress and I’m on wordpress that mean theoretically I should be able to use it too, right?

    I love the pictures…the whole sunshine and joy thing…love it!

  5. Works for me.

    Neat stuff and three cheers for your girls.

  6. Works for me – I wonder if that is because I have an automatic WordPress login for a client?

    Looks wonderful

  7. ejay

    Great photos – your daughter is very creative…

  8. Thanks all, will let her know. (When she first caught a glimpse yesterday she said “they’re not YOUR photos” and I had to quickly reassure her that I was spruiking about how clever SHE was!

    Guys, can’t be a wordpress thing, as Himself has just checked on his totally blog-free computer at work, and they work. He wouldn’t know what a wordpress log-in was!

    Anyway, so I’m glad people in general can see them. (BB – maybe it’s just an attempt by Mysterious Forces to get you to go over to WordPress! 😀 – a misguided attempt, but an attempt nonetheless!)

  9. Yep, works for me and I’m not signed into WordPress. Using Firefox browser if that makes any difference?
    Great photos! 🙂

  10. Linda

    I love the photos, the fact that the two girls did it together makes them extra special. I cannot see it as a slideshow but I think it must be just me making an error

  11. Nah, it should just work. *grumbles*

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