We will, we will RockYou

I have been itching to put a slideshow of some sort in my sidebar for ages. Blame BushBabe. She inspires me. (Don’t they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Mind you, I’m never going to have the photographic talent she has.. but still… I muddle along in my own little snapshot world… and I’m still kinda chuffed with the photos I manage to come away with.)

Anyway, even though I followed her instructions for putting a Flickr sideshow onto a blog, I ran up against the WordPress mafia. Damn, damn, damn.

Not to be thwarted, I searched WordPress help, and I ended up choosing one of the three slideshow apps that they apparently support –  RockYou. It ended up being better than I anticipated. I finally managed to upload (in batches) photos from my blog, and I’ve been having a great time – all day! – mucking around, choosing themes and styles. (There are heaps!)

When the time came to put it on the blog, I thought the mafia had foiled me again. Plugins? Wah?! What the?  But I did it! One small step for Trace, one giant leap for… um, I don’t know. Someone else, maybe?

I had to do an automatic post to my “profile” – which made an automatic blog post here, but I’ve been able to edit it, and I’ve since been mucking around on my dashboard, knee-deep in html copying and pasting over to the widget that goes in the sidebar.


——————> in the sidebar if you haven’t noticed it already.

There’s probably no need to keep it in this post any longer, as it’s behaving just fine in the sidebar now, and once is more than enough.

So glad I achieved something really important today!


The only downside of RockYou is that it doesn’t use Flickr. But there are a lot of other options there. I like! And I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to help myself going back to play around some more.


Had one bit of feedback (via twitter) that this isn’t working. Noooooo!!!  (For BushBabe, of all people… c’mon, Universe.. this is my homage to BB!)  Anyway, I would LOVE comments from ANYONE who checks out this (and subsequent post) to see if the slideshow works for you. (Don’t need a poll do I?).  If I get more than a couple that can’t see my lovely slideshows, I’ll have to ditch them (well, the one in the sidebar anyway) and write it off to a waste of a day.

C’mon lurkers, and one-off visitors. Even you. (Why not at least make my day by helping me set a record with number of comments on one post!)



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2 responses to “We will, we will RockYou

  1. Linda

    I love it! It may have taken all day but it was totally worth it. Did you celebrate such a good job with a glass of wine?
    I too want to copy, what you have done. Which of course is copying BB, so I really am just jumping all over the band wagon. I do not have an original idea in my head.
    ME see the instructions, but at the moment me not understand, another challenge for me to try! ME LOVE IT!
    I need a glass of wine, no it is too early, I need a cup of english breakfast tea with a chocolate to unwind and take my time to read it through.

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