For medicinal purposes only.

wineI didn’t pick a good week to give up the wine.

This week was supposed to be the start of the new me. The new ‘cutting out of empty calories’ me. The ‘maybe shed a few kilos so as to fit in my clothes’  me.

I wasn’t going to give up the wine completely. (Life wouldn’t be worth living then, would it?)  But it was time to severely limit the intake. Not every night, like.

And then my shoulders and arms went ballistic on me. First the right arm. Then it eased, but the left one decided it wanted a go as well.

Saturday night I could barely find a position to hold my arm without this shooting pain thing happening.

It had eased a bit on Sunday, and on Monday (after cancelling out of swimming – *pout*) I got a chiropractor appointment, and that helped.

The pain is still hovering there in the background, waiting to strike if I make a wrong move. (Or too much of the wrong move, I don’t know…)

But meanwhile (in other ‘Tracey is a crock’ news) I’ve also had a sore gum.. um.. jaw.. I can barely describe where. Left side of jaw, inside, up the back, in wisdom tooth territory, only in between top and bottom. Something like an ulcer? Not sure.  All I knew was that it hurt to chew.  And I couldn’t put my teeth together. You know how you do that?  When you can’t, it makes your jaw tense. And then it aches.  After trying various painkillers, but wishing they had something to relax the tension in my jaw,  it hit me. Wine!  One of the best muscle relaxants around.

So much for the big reform.

It helped.  I swear. Today, it’s all pretty much fine. (Yeah, I know. What the?)

Medicinal purposes then.

Can’t hurt with whatever is going on with the shoulder/arm muscle thing either, I don’t think.  (For the ‘relaxing’ properties? Well, it’s worth testing it out as a hypothesis, don’t you think?)

And I also claim medicinal purposes for putting up with a husband playing sport 4 nights a week. Yep, that’s FOUR nights a week that he’s not home till goodness knows when.

*glug, glug, glug*




PS. In good news, I’m back on my desktop!  Thanks to my computer bloke. When he’s not playing sport, he’s quite useful really. 😉



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8 responses to “For medicinal purposes only.

  1. Yikes, sounds like a good reason to have a wine, if you ask me!

  2. Bottoms up, I say!!

  3. Get well soon Tracey! (And in the meantime, stock up on the wine – you never know when you might need a small glass. Or two.)

  4. Hi Tracey — excellent blog! I was just thinking about how my foot keeps cramping and when I read your post I realized what I’ve been doing wrong. Tonight’s mission — a glass of wine!

  5. Yay on the computer being alive again 🙂

  6. You’re right Jayne, another reason to drink. “I hereby propose a toast to Himself, and the resurrection of my computer! *hic*”

    Thanks for dropping in Rachel. Here’s to uncramping that foot. (I get foot issues too… would you believe?!) I’ve popped over to your place, just need to brush up on my trivia. Actually I’m a bit worried, I could easily spend all day reading through your archives. I’ll be back!

    Hey PM! Good to see you! Oh, I did stock up on the wine this week. It was 30% off white wine if you bought 6. Easy peasy.

    *clinks* glasses with BB and rhubarb. (Deja vu!! I have this feeling like I’ve actually done that with you two. It’s a bit hazy.. but I’m seeing lots of red. And chandeliers..)

  7. Wendy

    Cheers …. chin chin … here’s to your health! I hope that you recover from this annoying shoulder ailment v.soon.
    ( I seem to collect those pesky empty calories also…. v.annoying!)

  8. Linda

    I too have tried to give up the odd glass at Happy Hour but WHY????
    The clothes still do not fit, maybe you have to stop for more than 48 hours though, not sure!

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