Things were certainly not looking good last night with the computer. Computer Tech guy came to bed in a rather distracted mood, having just told me that he didn’t know if he’d be able to get to the data on the hard drive. He’d tried a couple of ways, but no luck so far.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?  The question ‘When did you last back up?’

“Oh shit.. ages.”…

I went to bed trying not to think about the worst case scenario and how mind numbingly stupid  I have been. Really I could live without most of the documents on there. But.. and there’s a ‘but’ of course. The photos. THE PHOTOS!!!! 

The good news is that he woke up with ‘a few ideas’ on other methods of accessing the data, and by the time I came downstairs he was transferring my stuff onto his laptop. So I immediately forgave him the snoring that kept me awake in the night.

So things still aren’t ideal here – the fight will be on for use of this laptop again this afternoon and tonight, and meanwhile, while I have sole usage thereof, the ergonomics of using it on the dining room table are not good. (Think I’d better make a move to the computer desk with it.) I have some course work to do for Sunday (and until I can trawl through my emails on his computer, I don’t have the link and password to access the course module.)

I also need to figure out what we’re having for dinner, and if I need to go to the shops or not… and to try not to think about phone conversations last night that have prompted an extreme bout of self loathing for having let myself put on weight, and a quandary as to the best way to take action and do something other than whinge and moan about it.

Something (else) that I’m not considering ‘lucky’ is my stupid shoulders and upper arms.  With one really bad night during the week, after which I begged a massage from a friend who is building up her massage therapist business, today is … ok… only insofar as it’s the left arm’s turn to be a sodding pain, and, being right-handed, I don’t use it nearly  as much. How it’s going to go at swimming tonight I don’t know.  Voltaren is my friend.



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5 responses to “Lucky

  1. Sorry to hear that your week just got worse! Surely this means next week will be fantastic, I know that you deserve it

  2. Eek, hope things can be saved, especially the photos.
    I’ve been thinking of one of those external storage drives for the huge volume of photos I have.

  3. Yep, definitely need to come up with a backup system. Photos saved, and he has all my emails too, thank goodness. Kind of needed one of them so I could access the online course I am doing!

  4. The joys of yahoo or Gmail. As long as I have a computer I can get at my mail.
    S. recently added an application on firefox so I can access all my favourites on any computer as well.

    The photos I try to remember to burn on to a CD once a year. Holiday pictures get done as soon after the trip as possible.

  5. I wish I could sleep with my computer tech guy. Things may actually get done quicker! 🙂

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