Well, I’m not sure what it is about this week, but the universe is laying down a few teeny challenges.  Teeny tiny in the scheme of things, but challenges no less. Like ‘MY COMPUTER SUDDENLY AND INEXPLICABLY WON’T BOOT UP TODAY!!!!’

The weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth has been averted temporarily, as I have internet access via the spare laptop (that is in our possession because of Himself being admin officer for his local Touch footy association.)  There may well be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth this evening as all four of us vie for use of this handy, um, accessory, to our household, because a week or so ago the kids’ desktop computer shat itself (if you’ll pardon the French, but I’m struggling for some decorum right now..) .. and our Computer Guy (aka Himself) pronounced it ‘dead’, and is in the process of deciding what to buy as a replacement.

Add to the mix the HSC student (well, Year 11, but Yr 12 work started officially this term) and our undertaking to get her her own laptop for this last year, and the fact that I finally allowed her to take this baby into her room so that she could work in peace and quiet…  well… let’s just say that the natives are going to be restless around here tonight.

Computer Guy returns from a work trip in a couple of hours (but then disappears with the eldest daughter to play Touch Footy)  – well, I can only hope that he takes one look at my machine and is able to wave his magic wand and say “there you go! fixed!”

Not holding my breath though.



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6 responses to “Challenged.

  1. Linda

    When computers work they are good, but when they don’t they are horrid. Like children, same principal, I think?
    Good luck with your little treasures tonite sharing the laptop!!!

  2. Doggone, darn it all and whatever other unsatisfactory words those Yanks use to cuss. Or as Aussie/Kiwis put it:
    Hope you are back on air soon…

  3. We Yanks say things like *SHIT!*(if you’re Southern) and (for the Lutherans) *Gosh-darn it all to heck!*
    I prefer “Oh you aggravating son of a misbegotten whelp of Satan!” but my kids think that’s too long.

    Thank goodness for the spare. I have one too, with an unsatisfactory monitor, but it will do in a pinch.

  4. Heehee, BB, you have me remembering those Toyota hilux ads from a while back:

  5. Linda

    I just WATCHED those commercials and they are so fuuny aren’t they!
    Even with NO SOUND they make you laugh.

  6. Hope your computer is back up and running soon!

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