Good luck with that one.


In the supermarket this afternoon Ms 16 conned me into buying two blocks of chocolate because they were on a ‘2 for’ special. (She owes me $3 for the block she’s taking to school to share her DEAR (rollcall) class friends.)  I kinda tried to resist. “You’re just trying to make me fat!” I said. So this was her solution – for all of us.

Funny how late tonight there was already a row gone.. and then.. somehow… another row kinda disappeared.



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8 responses to “Good luck with that one.

  1. hum…justification is an art, and she seems to be skilled at it!

  2. She amuses me, in a good way.

  3. she sounds a treasure, just like my girl.

  4. But chocolate is GOOD!
    It’s the air we breathe that’s laden with calories!
    Yesterday I found love handles, suddenly grown overnight it seems.
    But I tracked down the culprit…I’d walked past a bakery several times on Tuesday and it was the delicious and scrumptious odours wafting about that caused them!

  5. I’m just re-reading my post. Does it make sense that she’s saying we have to do a particular amount of exercise in exchange for the one or two squares?

    Jayne, so is that what is causing my rolls of blubber?

  6. How much is sitting on the computer worth? I think 10 minutes = 1 square?

  7. I think you might be on to something there jeanie. What about hanging out washing?!

  8. Linda

    I LOVE Jeanie’s way of exercise thinking. I think putting out the washing deserves more than bringing it in, because when it is wet it is heavier!!!!

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