Grey and overcast. Like my mood.


Well, at least the dog next door just stopped howling. But it’s grey and overcast – and, well..  I’m just having one of those days…

…Ms 14 has just texted me from school – the USB stick she accidentally left in a school computer last night is not there anymore. Only an 8GB one she got for christmas. $40 worth (as it cost then). As it is, it’s a wonder she could find her mobile phone to text me about it.  Grrr. And do I really want to know this morning? What does she think I can do? Stew about it all day for her?  That girl!!

… Neighbour up the road just dropped off Ms 14’s purse that she accidentally left in their car last night. She was doing a make-up swimming class, and they brought her home for me. They were also going to take her for me, but she wasn’t ready when they pulled up outside!  (Now that raises my blood pressure. I hate to keep people waiting, especially when they are doing you a favour. Doesn’t matter how much I drill this into the kids, they still do it.) So I had to drive her up there anyway (an 18km return trip which I’d just done less than an hour beforehand to pick up Ms 16 from her after school Dance Unit class – ie. a school subject –  that she has insisted on doing.

…I’ve just found a permission note for Ms 16 – for a uni senior schools open day. Today. Guess she’s not going to that then.  Where’s the balance between nagging them, and letting them be self-determining like they want to be?

…I scrabbled around this morning to find the rep netball letters that had arrived in the holidays (when the visitors were here). Better put the dates for squad training on the calendar, I thought. Oh look. The one for Ms 11 is today! This afternoon. It clashes with a swimming class.*sighs*. Do I give swimming late notice to change her class/miss the class? But the weather is still grey and heavy, after the deluge and wild weather during the night, there is rain on the radar, who knows if it’ll hit or miss. With showers forecast for another 24hours, netball may not be on at all.  But when will I know?!

…Yes, the rain yesterday. Be careful what you wish for – or if you wish for rain, try and remember to put the car that you know has a leak in it under cover. Otherwise you end up with the front passenger foot well with an inch of water in it. (Another car issue to fix.)

…While I’m having a grumble, I’ll have a whinge about my shoulder.  Probably voodoo related.  (Mind you, Ms 16 does not think I’m very funny when I espouse my hilarious voodoo theory, particularly the part where everyone came to the conclusion that it was clearly her.) Middle of last week, right shoulder/upper arm – suddenly sore, a nerve pinching kind of sore, where it grabs when you raise it and move it a certain way. The sort of “sore” that niggles at you, and wears you down emotionally.   *sob*  A visit to the chiropractor last Thursday wrought miracles – he prodded and poked in specific spots that hurt like hell, but then ‘clicked’ and, wow! Already it felt better. By Friday it was as if it never happened. Did swimming squad. Great.  Saturday, fine. Sunday morning, I woke up with it sore again, and it harassed me all day. Yesterday, still bad, more swimming, and I had to compensate my stroke (or give up.) Gradually it felt a lot better. Yay! I think. Swimming is fixing it. But today it’s still not right.  And it’s probably what is causing my mood. A mood that knows I might get relief if I forked out another $50, but wonders how long that might last.

…(On a positive note, my knees were on their best behaviour, so, while I’m being a crock, at least I’m not a complete crock.)

…Ms 11’s Monday paper run has yet to be done – I wasn’t sending her out in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon.  Never mind her getting wet – half the papers would turn into papiermâché. But when can she do it? (See paragraph above re swimming/netball). Debating whether I should risk the weather this morning to go out and do half the run. I would have less to do if Himself hadn’t cut the straps on the top bundle yesterday morning to get our copy out, and then left  them like that. I found papers blown all around the carport, so there’s a pile I have to sort through and reassemble yet. Thanks for that, darling.  (He’s gone away for work for a couple of nights – I suppose I should be thankful that at least I don’t have any snoring to contend with while he’s gone.)


…I look around me – the house is a diabolical mess. Why is it that I always discover things that have been left lying around, or not put away, or other misdemeanours when the culprit is not at home, or in the shower, or asleep?

…Why is it that I am essentially lazy when it comes to domestic stuff?

…Second week of my online feature writing course, and we have a first assignment due in on Sunday. Interview a classmate (via email, then on the phone!) and do a 500 word profile on them.  (And I don’t quite feel that what we’ve covered so far has totally equipped me for it.  *gulp*)

Perhaps, with a dose of voltaren, I could ignore my shoulder long enough to get a grip, take things one at a time, and get on top of a few things.

Lucky for me, it’s all very trivial in the scheme of things.  (And even more recognisably so once you put it out there in black and white. Thanks internet! If I couldn’t have a whinge on my blog every now and then, where would I be?)

I think I might just get another coffee while I sit and draft a plan of attack. Alternatively I could just go over to the lounge, turn on the telly, and watch a movie or something. (I would never normally do something like that! – I can waste all day on the internet, but my conscience wouldn’t let me set out to watch a movie.)

Who else has days where all the little things build up until you think your head is going to explode?



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6 responses to “Grey and overcast. Like my mood.

  1. Linda

    oh ,boy, I know how you feel. Somedays are just to hard. I will watch a movie today but I will have to some ironing at the same time to justify the “time being indulgent” sad isn’t it

  2. Wendy

    I’m with you on this one too. I have just spent all morning catching up after my weekend off (although I did sneak off yesterday to my craft day). I hate that things are such a mess and no one else does the picking up. Our paper run is tonight and boy does that inspire … not. Everything wet here too. I’ve been thinking of a movie too, but haven’t got the washing dry enough to justify (see Linda’s comment above). Good luck with the shoulder – have you tried Tiger Balm??
    btw – an earlier comment about Woodburn made me smile – last time I passed thru there it cost me a speeding ticket – maybe I should have been looking for petrol lol.

  3. Where are you Wendy? Those 50km zones are traps aren’t they. You’re going so slow, you think you can fiddle around with the music or something, then next thing you realise you’ve accidentally sped up a bit. I’m still a bit worried about a couple of patches on that trip where I lost concentration and may have got pinged.

    Girls, girls – I just don’t do ironing, so I can’t use that as an excuse to watch a movie. Well, not like that. Cannot stand and do a basket load. Gives me RSI (definitely not good for the shoulder at the moment), so I iron on an ‘as needs’ basis, and only if totally necessary. (The clowns would crush everything by rummaging through their wardrobes anyway.) (The small matter of the ironing board being two floors up has something to do with it too!)

    [Stinking everyone out with Deep Heat. Shoulder improving as the day goes by. I think.]

  4. DEEP HEAT……that does stink big time, I hope it helps though.

  5. Wendy

    Hi Tracey – we are on small acreage at Morayfield near Caboolture. We went through Woodburn on the way to Christmas hols at Iluka last year. Ha! Such a small town for such a big fine. I’m more than happy for speed freaks to get caught but I’m hardly a lead foot and was only a little over speed. However, I have learnt my lesson!

  6. Hi Wendy – it’s always the little revenue raising places that catch you. (Hey, do you have a blog? No link with your name…)

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