Meanwhile, there’s been a birthday in the house.

My baby turned 11 on Tuesday. How is that possible?

She made her own cupcakes to share with her classmates the night before.  (Life is tough when you have to make your own birthday cakes, but I think she kind of got a kick out of it.) And I did ice them for her in the morning and took them up to school. (But forgot to take a photo!)

The birthday morning was pretty low key, present-wise, as she’d elected to go halves (with the next sister up) in getting the Wii.   Some knee and elbow pads to go with a windfall acquisition last week when the visitors gave her some hand-me-down roller blades.  And an IOU for a couple of books she wanted (that Grandma couldn’t find in the shops in Sydney). I found them online on the weekend and ordered them.  I’m pretty good at stringing birthdays out a bit.

After school her friend turned up (as organised without her knowing, thanks to the Mums who ran into each other in the supermarket! ) I bought icecream and cones. Not your everyday afternoon tea after school.


Then – Happy Birthday kid! – it was off to swim squad. First one back after two week’s break. Possibly not her preferred birthday activity, but, hey, that’s life.

Then Out for Chinese (her choice), with her friend too, and then back for cake. Of course! One big sister had managed to whip up one of our favourites (and Ms 11’s choice.) Golden caramel quick mix cake*, but the decorating still had to be done.  Definitely a job for the big sisters, don’t you think?

* With brown sugar and golden syrup in it, this is a scrummy, yum, yumptious cake. If you’re good, I might just post up the recipe!

zozcakeAnd for some reason the big sisters decided they should get artistic (at around 9.30pm) and make up TWO batches of icing to drizzle over it. Of course the cake needed purple icing as well as chocolate! Of course!

zozbdayI think the birthday girl liked it.

And now (Saturday) we’re off to iceskating. She slept over at her friend’s place last night, and friend is staying over here tonight.  (Her choice not to have a party.)  I’m pretty sure I’ll find my way clear to shouting them some other treat afterwards as well, and, maybe, just maybe, her choice for dinner tonight.



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6 responses to “Meanwhile, there’s been a birthday in the house.

  1. Happy Birthday Ms 11… great-looking icing there!

  2. What a lovely birthday, andyou can see by her eyes that she enjoyed it

  3. I’m good- cake recipe, please?

    Happy Birthday Ms 11! Cake *and* ice cream! AND Chinese! Does it get any better? No? I didn’t think so.

  4. Recipe is posted now under the What’s For Dinner Page. (see Quick Mix Cakes.)

  5. W00T!
    Happy birthday and I love the cake 🙂

  6. Thanks Jayne – well, thanks on behalf of the cake baker and decorators. (Me, I was just there to clean up the mess….)

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