You meet the nicest people..

… on the internet. They weren’t axe murderers, even!

Thursday last week I found myself driving a few hours north, across the border into Queensland, just so that I could meet a couple of bloggers. (Bloggers AND  Twit-terers.) Try explaining that to anyone who doesn’t blog, or get on the internet much.

They aren’t just any bloggers though. How could I not want to meet the lovely women behind the bloggy personas of Bush Babe, and Rhubarb?

I’ve been reading BB’s blog for nearly two years now – ever since her sister, the amazing Jeanie, talked her into starting a blog. (Good move, that, Jeanie!) And while she usually hides behind the camera, somehow, reading her blog, you feel like you know her, and her gorgeous family. What a privilege to get to see images and stories from their life on the land – such a totally different Aussie life from my own. And you can just tell she is one awesome person, and you can’t help but want to know her more!

And Rhubarb? I only found her recently through BB and Jeanie – but somehow we’ve clicked.  Twitter might have helped that, but I love her blog for her lovely, thoughtful posts, wrapped in an amazing sense of humour. (Heh – maybe she just humours me… maybe that’s what it is .. but I take what I can get! )

Anyway, somehow there comes a point where, if you can, you just have to meet these people, who feel like more than mere aquaintances, more than just ‘personas’ with whom you ‘socialise’ online. For the sake of BB’s friend who came along as well, all we could do was liken it to the modern day version of penfriends. And really, noone would have blinked some 3o or so years ago if you said you were going up to Queensland to meet your penfriend..  would they?

I knew BB and Rhubarb had already met each other on another occasion that BB had made it to Brisbane.  Hey, I thought. I’d like to do that! So, I made this rather rash promise (threat?) one day on Twitter. “If you’re ever down in Brissy, Bush Babe, I’d come up. Brisbane isn’t that far! I could meet the two of you at once! I would do that, you know!!”

Next thing I knew, she was heading down to the Big Smoke.  And there was me – looking at the end of two weeks of ‘stay-at-home’ school holidays, and wondering if I dared make good on such a rash promise.  I decided that it was one of those ‘Seize the day’ occasions. I *could* leave the kids for a couple of days (Himself was around, but at work, but they are old enough now. Heaven knows, they ignore me most of the day anyway.) Drive almost 5 hours each way? Whatever!!  I’ll DO it. (Said in the same intonation as Homer Simpson in that ad where he has God on the phone.)  Sometimes you just have to do these crazy things.  The bonus was that it would also serve as some much needed  ‘me’ time. (Because even a supposedly committed SAHM needs a break occasionally, and truth be told, a stay-at-home school holiday does wear a bit thin.) Some escapism time for me was in order.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I think I’ll save the recount of my trip for the next post, because I’d like to spin out the story of one daggy, frumpy mum’s whirlwind 2-day escape just a wee bit.

For now? It was worth every kilometre. Thanks Bush Babe. Thanks Rhubarb. And thanks Bush Babes friend, G (and for a shorter time, G’s sister(?) J.)  Thank you for humouring a couple of potential weirdos from the internet! Hopefully BB will get you commenting on her blog (“Bloggers love comments!“, we told her) and even blogging yet! Don’t ever think that you have nothing to say because you’re “just a mum”.  Everyone’s life holds a story – and the day to day minutiae is what makes anyone’s life interesting.

Anyway… I think I’m just really lucky to have been able to share a bit more of Bush Babe’s and Rhubarb’s!!



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10 responses to “You meet the nicest people..

  1. Like I said there… THANK YOU!! Was amazed and humbled that you took the time to come – we pretty much met in the middle you know. 10 hours driving between us – Australia is a pretty huge country, cause when you look on the map, it doesn’t actually seem that far!

    You are very kind not to mention how LATE we were… and how you starved while waiting for us!!

    Have to admit I was kind of self-conscious about meeting other bloggers… wondering if the image you had of me (and vice versa) would come crashing down in reality. But no… you were as sweet and fabulous in person as I imagined. And you didn’t run screaming from the room when I finally made it!

    And next time? We will find somewhere OTHER than an upmarket brothel in which to meet…

  2. Darn – wish I was there!! Glad you had a good time.

  3. It was a way cool experience to meet you, Trace. And BB again, of course. Glad I got you to myself if just for a little while at least, and we had a drink together in the bordello 😉

    How brave of you to drive all the way up here to meet us. Your 5 hours makes my 40 mins look a bit pitiful…!

    Looking forwardto doing it again x

  4. Nice for all. Even those of us who sit at home and read and dream about face to face meetings.

  5. Linda

    oh, to have been a fly on that wall. Happy to hear that you all had a great time. I am sure there will be a few blogs out of the time you all spent together

  6. Tracey

    Ah, don’t forget BB, I was the one who snuck a potato scallop while I was waiting for Rhubarb to get there. She found outside the only takeaway in the Emporium complex. And then had to just about drag me into the Hotel – all that red and glitz – it was scary for a dag like me!
    I think you did amazingly well to fit us into your hectic schedule!
    At least I did my driving in the daytime, rhubarb! It was all fine except for the Queensland parts! (I’m not really stirring! Once you hit the Gold Coast, it’s manic!)

    Wish you’d been there too, Jeanie!

    Hmm, I was pretty self conscious myself, and seeing that ‘sweet’ is never something I imagine myself to be, I’m humbled that you could come up with that description! (How much do I make that cheque out for?)

    Got more to write about my trip as a whole, but no time today. Soon!

  7. Gosh. If I’d have known you three were going to be there, I’d have flown in…

    Maybe next time!

    Trace, you actually sound like me, all agog and wide eyed. Yep. This could work…

  8. Gee Debby, we’ll have to get on to Bush Babe about her organisational skills. 😉 She’ll be kicking herself big time for missing that opportunity!!

  9. Heh… she’s full of it! (said with a smile)
    But you know… we could crash Pennsylvania sometime…hmmmm…

  10. Hey yeah! I don’t think my family would miss me if I disappeared over to the US of A for a few days. (Hah!)

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