Something about clouds.

I have a bit of a thing about clouds. But clouds at the beach really rock. Grabbed the camera as I schlopped out for a late afternoon, low tide walk. (I was told I could photograph the beach as much as I wanted – and then some more.)

So I did.


Trying to capture that bit of rainbow.


beach_lowtiderocksTrying to be artistic with the rocks.


and the reflections.

beach_swooshI love low tide. It’s so much more.. photogenic.  This shot makes me feel like I’m about to get sucked up, into some sort of time and space vortex that is centred on the island.

I don’t think the seagulls get enough recognition. I mean, they are always there, so you never take photos of them.


Up there is another island. Although it’s pretty close to shore – kind of connected to the beach, so I don’t know if you can call it an island or not.
You can walk up onto it at very low tide. I must do that again some day.

beach_westcloudsThe cloud action out to sea was spectacular, but there was some really dark and brooding stuff building up behind us, to the west.


We did get a bit of rain out of it eventually.

It was a good walk.



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8 responses to “Something about clouds.

  1. Lovely.
    Great pictures T.

  2. very nice…I particularly like the reflections.

  3. Linda

    very nice, like it them with foreground and then THE ISLAND in the back ground

  4. Gorgeous!! I felt like I was having a lovely stroll with you along that beach.

  5. Such gorgeous photographs, Trace. How do you do that wobbly edge?

  6. Tracey

    Thx guys. Not bad for a little point and shoot I guess. Glad you like my island Linda!
    I figure if I keep putting up photos, people will want to come and visit me to walk up the beach with me :D.

    Wobbly edge? Photoshop, and eraser tool, with particular sorts of .. um.. whatchamacallit.. um… [*opens Photoshop to look*] “brushes”. (The particular shape options which Clever Daughter quite possibly downloaded for me.)

  7. What a great series… makes me feel all peaceful just scrolling… *sigh*

    I would love to walk the beach with you – as long as there is somewhere to wash that sand off when we are done!

  8. Tracey

    BB, I confess I even walk in joggers, so there’s only sand to brush off the shoes the next day.) I know wearing shoes on the beach seems like heresy, but my stupid feet with their pronating arches make me pay if I don’t. (It’s a pretty flat, hard beach, particularly at low tide, so it’s a lot of jarring if you walk any way with bare feet – it’s about a 45 min return walk I do most times.) Mind you, every now and then I can’t help myself, and I have to slosh through the shallows to get that beachy experience.

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