Right now I’m starting to become convinced that someone out there who doesn’t like me very much has a voodoo doll in my likeness.

I don’t think they want to kill me – they just want to torment me.

Last night I hobbled up to bed with a sore left ankle, and a sharpish muscular pain near my left shoulder blade. Both bothered me a fair bit during the night – I woke a few times, disconcerted to find that they were still really sore. (I’d been hoping that once I relaxed into sleep they’d go away – but obviously I hadn’t relaxed into sleep an hour or two into it!) And pondering what I would be able to do today to help – eg. overdose on voltaren tablets? Ice? Beat myself about the head to take my mind off it?

I had a huge sleep in, and by the time I woke properly they had actually calmed down a lot.I’ve taken the precaution of wearing joggers (with my orthotics) all day, and basically trying not to do anything to aggravate either.

The thing is, this is not an isolated incident.

Over the last few weeks my left knee has been playing havoc with me – and cramping my style a bit with my swimming, mainly. Which is not good when my kicking is my only strong point. Thing is I can’t pinpoint what part of it is sore – it’s as if someone is wiggling at something inside my knee – but in a slightly different place each time.

I’d been thinking that walking was aggravating it, and so I’d eased off on that – but last week (with no swimming during the holidays) I’ve gone tramping up and down the beach a few times (as my regular blog readers will attest), and – no problems. If anything I’ve been sore in behind my right knee. But a different kind of sore!

Before you dismiss my voodoo claims as being absurd – I have to point out that this sort of thing has been going on for months and months. Some days one or other foot might start throbbing – no rhyme or reason for it. Next day – all fine.

All relatively minor inconveniences in the scheme of things, but, given that I’m doing the old lady creaky back thing when I get up in the morning anyway, I could really do without someone sticking pins into me like this.

Problem is, now that I’ve identified the cause – how the hell do I put a stop to it?!!  🙂



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7 responses to “Voodoo

  1. Linda

    yes yes i believe you about the voodoo doll……I have seen the docos on the tv……not to point fingers ( with two hands ) I bet it is child no.1…..I mean after the stories last week and now the pain
    I AM SURE THAT IT IS HER…she does not read your blogs does she…i hope that she does not make a doll of ME! i will hide my hairbrush so she cannot make a doll fom using bits of me

  2. I agree with Linda. Maybe if you sacrificed a rooster in her bedroom she’d leave you alone. In fact, I’m pretty sure she would.

  3. Hmmmm… I shall consult my magic glass globe… Ah! Something like this can only be fixed over a gathering of bloggy buddies in, ahem, approximately four days time. Somewhere north of you. Over chardonnays. Or beers. It’s hard to see details like that.

  4. Tracey

    Left foot (as opposed to ankle) throbbing last night. And you’re right, she wasn’t happy with me. I think you could be right Linda. The rooster idea sounds good, Rootie, only messy. And the sad thing is, I doubt she’d notice it – the state of her room is quite something.
    You’re right BB – I’m going to run away for a couple of days. North. To bloggy friends.

  5. Have you tried drawing a salt circle around your bed while you sleep (and sprinkled a few crystals in the snorer’s direction)?

  6. Linda

    or if jeanie’s idea does not work, try what i did last night..

    stand next to your husband as he sleeps, I prefer to do this at 3.00 am , that is when I have REALLY HAD IT, with a pillow raised above his head, I also want to include in these directions to use a flanette pillowcase so it is soft, and then i nudge him

    ok it would be better with the light on but that sudden ‘WHAT THE’ that he screams is priceless

    of course this does not cure the snoring but i seem to go to sleep easier with that satisfied grin on my face

  7. Tracey

    * Note – Jeanie and Linda have been privy to my disclosure elsewhere that my dearly beloved has been keeping me awake with his snoring.

    Hmmm, wonder if that’s related to the whole voodoo thing as well?

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