A whale of a time.

As I threatened yesterday I hightailed it out of here around 6.30.  Dinner was in the oven and I wanted to get down to the beach again. By the time I returned I hoped that Ms 14 would have found a missing purse (oh the drama!) and that the hormones might have settled a bit for Ms 16. And that I might find some “ohm” factor to calm me down.

I didn’t take the camera. “Give it a rest,”  I thought. “There are only so many photos of our beach you can blog.”  Besides which, stopping and taking photos means that I don’t walk as far or as briskly, and getting some sort of workout is the name of the game too.

The sky was beautiful. More beautiful than the day before, of course.   Damn, I could have got some fantastic photos! With clouds creating a backdrop to the island, the pink hues wrought by the setting sun added something extra. (“Something extra”? Sorry – I really do struggle with descriptive narrative.) Well, I suppose plonking up more photos on the internet is never quite like being in the moment, and finding some sort of “moment” was what I was there for after all.

Then, quite a way out I saw a big splash. And then the unmistakeable glimpse of a whale leaping out of the water, and then slapping back down.  Whales! I saw whales! Never mind that it was so far out, and the time that I saw it could be measured in a second or two. I saw whales!  I felt this stupid, goofy grin break out on my face.

I saw this happen a few more times as I strode up the beach and back, and each time I couldn’t stop the smile and this feeling of elation.

Whale watching is marketed as a tourist attraction in this area, and in the migration seasons there’s always the chance of spotting whales from the various headlands. (If I’d been up on our headland maybe half an hour earlier I might have had a better view!- If only!)  And of course there are whale watching cruises – however I’ve not yet availed myself of that opportunity. I don’t tend to get lucky when I make the effort to walk up on the headland – but I suppose I don’t do it nearly enough.

So why such a buzz over such a distant sighting? I guess for me it’s the privilege of seeing a wild animal so close to home. From “my” beach.

It was a shame to head home, really. But the sun was down, and light was fading fast. I was the only person on the whole beach.  Another feeling worth bottling.

Back to the madhouse.

She’d found the purse!

I probably won’t go down there today – it’s quite windy, and I’m not that fussed on wind. Going out in it is more likely to put me in a mood – and quite frankly, what with trying to come to terms with the latest instalment of  teenager manipulativeness, I don’t need any more of that.



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3 responses to “A whale of a time.

  1. Linda

    WOW……………..what a surprise you must have had, I am sure that that put a smile on your face

  2. No no no no you can photographthe beach as much as you want – and then some more.

    What a cool thing to happen, wow!

  3. Oh wow – whales and dolphins and all sorts of ocean creatures are truly blessings!

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