Take me to my happy place.

Right now I’m wanting to strangle a certain teenager for her selfish, self-absorbed attitude.  As one does. Goes with the territory. Yaddah yaddah. Can I just share?

Ms 16 has just decided to cook up some spaghetti for lunch, and to heat up some leftover bolognaise sauce.

But, oh crap, what’s this in the bolognaise? Ewwww – a fly.  Yuk indeed. Don’t really want to think about when it got in there, the point is that it’s there now.

“So what do I do?”

“Well, you’ll have to throw it out.”

*rolls eyes and huffs with OMG attitude.*

“Well, what do you want me to say? Eat it?”

And so we then witness a “Well what am I going to eat then?” performance that even had Ms 14 raising her eyebrows.


I’m such a bad mother. Nothing else to eat in the house at all. Apparently.

I also just discovered I’d stepped in something in my slip-on shoes. (Wondered what that smell was.)  I’ve just hoiked it outside to deal with later…

Happy place, happy place…

So I’ll revisit my walk down on the beach yesterday afternoon. I never tire of experiencing our beach – although I daresay I’m risking beach photo overload. And ‘waxing-lyrical-about-the-beach’ overload.

But! I just love walking down there in the late afternoon.  Something about the light.


It’s after 6pm – with daylight saving having started, these late afternoons walks are getting late. And are only going to get later.  Ms 14 and friend had just been down there, and ran back asking if it was ok for them to go for a swim. “It’s so nice down there!”


Zooming in on the CCTV – I mean ‘Mum camera’.  This is them. Not much swimming happening. Reckon the water is still pretty chilly at this time of year! It was last week when I decided to take myself down for a dip one morning.

And I know I keep taking photos of this island – can’t help it – it’s kind of .. prominent. And it really catches the sun at this time of day.


And then I head north to the rocks at the end of the beach.

beachafternoon_rockWhat’s that on the rock? Another bird. Must be the place to be. ‘I’m the king of the castle…’

birdrock2This one flew away as well when I tried to get closer.

birdrock_closeBut I think it could have been a Brahminy Kite.

And the one the other day I think (using that bird finder, and zooming in big time) might have been some sort of cormorant.


When it’s low tide as well, you get the whole reflection thing happening.

Not a bad way to end the afternoon, as I look back to where I live, and prepare myself for battle.


It’s only just gone lunchtime, and I’m counting down the hours till I can do it again.



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6 responses to “Take me to my happy place.

  1. Lovely… so lucky to have the ocean at your doorstep!

  2. PS No advice about teenagers… just ducking for cover when mine hit ‘that age’!

  3. Linda

    you are lucky to have such a nice retreat to go to escape. make the use of it and keep going

    our ‘parents retreat’ in this house is the cold, uninsulated, concrete floor (but we did put a carpet square in) garage. if u take more photos of the beach i might use them to decorate the walls and it may look a bit cheerier…

    and on another note at least “happy hour seems to start earlier in the day with daylight savings

  4. Tracey

    Duck for cover when your daughter hits that age BB, at any rate. Hormones! (Apparently). Sheesh!

    Linda, if you want better resolution pics, let me know. (I cropped, resized and framed, in that order, probably not so smart, but then again I didn’t imagine anyone would want to put my photos on their wall! ) If you want amazing country pics by a wonderful photographer, go check out BushBabe’s place!

  5. Oh that beach!
    I am not a swimmer but I sure do appreciate a stroll along the sand.

  6. It looks like a Bald Eagle, only not, and you don’t have those there, do you.

    always take the camera, because you Never Know. I mean, it’s digital, right?

    fantastic pics. If it were me, I’d have a zillion of that island, too.

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