An average cook.

You might have noticed a new page link up along the top. I’m experimenting with a way to share recipes with other like-minded not-so-gourmet cooks. I wish I was a bit more Masterchef inspired, but I’m not. All I want to do is get a decent, reasonably wholesome meal on the table each night that everyone will eat, and that doesn’t involve hours of preparation, or hours of washing up afterwards.

More about all that on the What’s for Dinner link.

Or you can cut straight to tonight’s dinner (which, for the record was served with salad).

crumbed chicken drumsticks


smashed potatoes


Edited to add:


Just for Linda. (Plus it balances out the look of the meal and makes it look a bit healthier!) This is how we like our salad. Tonight it’s Iceberg lettuce (kids preference so that’s what I go with), tomato, celery, rocket & baby spinach, chopped. (That’s a basic one- other times I’ll add capsicum/shallots/red onion/avocado etc. Whatever I feel like at the time.)

Tossed and dressed – always. (None of this drizzling it on your serving on your plate business.) Kids and Himself always eat their salad after the rest of their meal. (European style?)  I do the same when it’s pasta- otherwise I’m a ‘with’ girl.



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4 responses to “An average cook.

  1. Linda

    you make me laugh outloud, which is fun…you write about everything..but what type of salad?

  2. Tracey

    Ah, the salad. I will do one some day then about the way WE like our salad.

    Thanks for the encouragement. It’s particularly welcome today.

  3. Linda

    oh thank you for the update, i love the shape of the photo, very different, it is nice, it is different…kath and kim moment there…

  4. Tracey

    Photo thumbnail shape idea shamelessly stolen from

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