Till I’m blue in the face.

Some of the things I say round here – over and over and over and over. To no avail.

  • Move your shoes.
  • Whose shoes are these? Move them from the lounge room floor.
  • Whose towel is this on the floor?
  • Hang up your towel!
  • Who didn’t change the toilet paper roll?
  • Who didn’t flush the toilet?
  • Whose stuff is this on the lounge? Move it please.
  • Do not leave your schoolbooks on the lounge!
  • I’m sorry, but we do not want you to clean your teeth in the shower.
  • No, I don’t care what that dental hygienist said, it’s like standing there leaving the tap on.
  • Do not put my toothpaste in the shower.
  • Do not leave your toothbrush in the shower.
  • Hurry up and get out of the shower! You’ve been in there for long enough!
  • The bathroom is not an entertainment zone. Why do you need music in here while you shower?
  • Helps you time it? BS!
  • Unpack your lunchbox out of your schoolbag!
  • Move your schoolbag! Stop leaving your schoolbag here where I trip on it!
  • No food or drink in the bedrooms!
  • So why are there food wrappers in your bedroom?
  • So, you want to attract cockroaches into your bedroom?
  • You know about recycling! Why do you put recyclable paper in the rubbish bin?!
  • You wanted a jobs roster so I didn’t nag. So, why can’t you do your jobs without me nagging?
  • Whose turn is it to empty the dishwasher?
  • Could you please empty the dishwasher.
  • Do your dishwasher job NOW please.
  • (Repeat for each and every other job on the roster.)
  • I need the table set please. You can see that it’s almost dinner time. I don’t care that dinner might be still another 15 minutes away, I want the table set now!
  • Come to the table, dinner’s ready.
  • Get off the computer and come to the table.
  • I don’t care about you saying BRB to everyone you’ve been chatting to. I want you to come to the table.
  • Time to go to bed. Shut down the computer please.
  • Shut down, it’s time for bed.
  • GO TO BED!

Well, that’s just off the top of my head.  Linda (comments last post) inspired this with the loo paper roll business! And of course my mantra this week: “Blow your nose!”

What do you keep saying till you’re blue in the face?



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5 responses to “Till I’m blue in the face.

  1. Ok, I could copy this and paste in on my blog, because I say precisely the same things to my kids, with one addition: “Who died and made you the mother?”

  2. Ah, the joy of 1 child – she HAS to do EVERYTHING!!!

    I often thought a great invention would be some sort of recorder to save mothers from repeating stuff.

  3. Linda

    i like the point that the bathroonm is not an/a entertainment zone…..i have not heard that one before, it was very good

    tracey, have you tried the cork yet…re facebook

  4. saz

    well to paste and click this is easy….if your mouse wont do it, highlight it, then ctrl c to copy and ctrl v to past, work every time..

    you are very welcome to come join in the postings on MMM’s…
    great comments thank you..

  5. Hi Saz, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the invitation. I’m honoured, would love to join in the posting at MMM sometime!
    The good old ctrl c and ctrl v was what I was trying to do. No idea why it didn’t work. (I keep thinking Blogger has it in for me ever since I moved over to WordPress!)

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