How do you shop?

I told the girls we could go shopping today. And then I took a valium … (only kidding…just). No, actually, despite all my wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, there are advantages to having teenagers who don’t think much of your opinion. You simply give them some money to buy clothing essentials, let them bring a friend, and then say ‘see you later’.

And you get to shop with the Nearly 11 yr old in peace.

Until the 14 yr old doesn’t stay in touch by text about every hour as instructed.  And doesn’t answer my text, or phone call regarding meeting at 2.15. And then cries when we find her + friend (they’ve gone to different ‘lounges’) because they haven’t had lunch yet and isn’t at all happy that I want to go home!

Anyway, other than that, as shopping trips go, it sure beats they way it used to be.  Clothes shopping with the three of them used to leave me feeling like I’d run a marathon.

I just wish I could explain how I came out of the supermarket without the yoghurt that was on my list.  I saw it! I got it. Didn’t I? I hunted through the shopping bags at home like a maniac, finally consulting the docket, and FINALLY remembering that I’d looked at the specific yoghurt we get on my way through the shop, and decided to pick it up on my way back past the fridge section.  No, no idea why I did that. It seemed logical at the time.

And yet I now have two new jars of Vegemite in the kitchen cupboard, because I didn’t realise I already had one there, and bought another.  How many years will that take to get through I wonder. I shouldn’t be surprised – it’s not as if I haven’t done something like this before:

“Sometimes I end up overstocking. A glitch in The supermarket trigger approach, much like a cracked record: “Oh yes, that’s right – I’m out of Chinese 5 spice powder. “…. … “Oh yes, that’s right – I’m out of Chinese 5 spice powder.”… … “Oh yes, that’s right – I’m out of Chinese 5 spice powder.” I now have about 3 jars of Chinese 5 spice powder in my pantry, and given the rate at which I use it I will never need to buy it again until I am about 90. Either that, or when the children finally move out of home, I will be able to set them up with a jar of Chinese 5 spice powder each for their pantries….”  Read the whole post. 18/5/07

I know back then (on my old blog) readers confessed to similar .. um.. oversights. But I’d love to hear them again – or hear some more!



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3 responses to “How do you shop?

  1. I wind up with 3 jars of mayo because Terry lives in teeth-grinding fear that we’ll run out. Then we run out of eggs because “oh, I think we have some”.

    The joy of shopping with boys is this:” I need t-shirts. Oh look, Hanes has a 3-pack. There. Done.” Then I can say “I’m going to the mall, anyone need to come with?” and I hear “no, I just bought a 3-pack of Hanes.”

  2. Linda

    oh my, the shopping of clothes is awful isn’t it…my girl prefers clothes from vinnies (thriftshop)………..something i was forced to wear as a child and now i cringe at the thought of my darling choosing to wear them

    did u get 2 vegemite the same or did u get that NEW horrible isnack blah blah

    my neighbour and i often ring each other and ask if the ‘neighbourhood pantry’ is open for a purchase. I keep extra stock of regular food items that i know she uses, it works for us

  3. Still not at that stage yet, but I see it approaching in the distance.

    I am pretty good these days – but with sugar we either have famine or feast in the pantry…

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