And then I got wet.

Yesterday afternoon. Easing weather.. and a footy final I wasn’t that interested in watching… Why not take myself for a walk up the beach? I ducked back inside for the camera.  Overcast weather doesn’t seem like the most ideal photographic material, but I’d had demands to do an update on the trees that had been casualties of the wild seas earlier this year. At least that would make me walk a decent distance.

Colour me grey and brooding:


Looks like rain, doesn’t it.  Think it’s heading out to sea though. That’s what the radar said anyway.


Wishing (again) that I had more zoom.

Walked right up the other end of ‘Back Beach’ to check out the ‘last tree’. Well, trees. Still there.  Shoved back against the sand cliffs/dunes – and looking a bit worse for wear.


Yep. And then it started to rain.  When I was at the far end of my walk of course.  Twenty minutes back, no shortcuts. And it got heavier. At least I gave my husband a good laugh as I stood, dripping, in the carport on my return.



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6 responses to “And then I got wet.

  1. Linda

    thank you for the update on the tree….maybe next time you should take an umbrella..and what what was that sitting on the rock

  2. Linda

    funny looking bird

  3. Tracey

    I tried to get closer and it flew away. Along with two sooty oystsercatchers down on the sand that I was going to snap next. As I said, wish I had a better zoom on my camera. 3x just doesn’t cut it. It looked so majestic standing up on that rock. Think he/she was drying her wings out! Bigger than your average bird – sadly, no idea what it is.

  4. Was it an albatross? I can’t tell.

    Was it a cold rain? Or are they warming up for you now?

    It’s raining now here, a long, soft, ruining-the-peanut-harvest, not-the-right-sort-of-rain-for-October kind of thing.

  5. Ohhhh. Photos! I like photos.

    Sorry you got wet but it was worth it from my point of view.

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