Rainy days and.. um, Sundays

Welcome to the start of the school holidays. It’s also  a long weekend, and today marks the start of daylight savings.

And – it’s raining.  Previous two days it reached 30 degrees. Today it’s not got past 16 – and there’s all this wet stuff falling from the sky.  This isn’t a bad thing of course – despite the deluges we had earlier in the year, things were starting to look a bit dry. (As it does with those sort of temps, and hot westerlies that cart in a pile of dust.)

It’s all coastal though – we’re only just getting the edge of it. (That’s us – around where that black dot is…)

rainWhat a waste – all that rain falling in the sea. Bushbabe needs it up her way. And they sure as heck need it further west, from whence all that dust came.

So we got up at 5am yesterday to do the 6.30am community ride. Ms 16 wangled to come (by bribing her youngest sister to do her paper run for her), so we had to drive in with her bike and our tandem.  Seeing we’d like to see her using the road bike we bought her for her birthday last year, it’s hard to argue – even if it means I lose my far more civilised option of riding in from home later and just meeting people for coffee at 8.00.

I’m a hopeless case really. If I have to get up before 6am, then I turn into a zombie sometime later in the day, and the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I can pay back the sleep bank, with interest, the next day.  S0 after prising myself out of bed around 5am yesterday, today was always going to be sleep-in time for me. And boy do I know how to sleep in!

Throw in the start of daylight saving to the mix, and I didn’t see much ‘morning’ today at all.

I’m not against daylight saving per se – I’ve always just gone with the flow, really – and basically thought it was actually more sensible in the middle of summer because  (never mind the end of the day – with Eastern Standard Time sunrise round here was getting to be something ridiculous like 4.30 am – which in my book  is just plain  ‘wrong’!  Conversely, as of today, sunrise is at around 6.20am – which is just as ridiculous.  So!  I really can’t fathom why ‘they’ are gradually and insidiously extending daylight savings  at each end. Getting up in the dark just isn’t right – for me especially, but for anybody! Where, or rather when, will it stop?

We are all doing the rainy day Sunday sloth thing here today then. I’ve done a big catch up wash up.  (Confessions of a slacko housewife…) And I’m about to have lunch at 2.30.  Seeing I didn’t have breakfast till, um … *trails off*… never mind….

The child (Ms 14) sitting at the computer next to me is sniffing a lot, in between coughing – and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to cope.  It’s been a bit of a snotfest around here the past week, with #3 having the nose thing as well, and there’s also been the husband who can’t help snoring worse than usual because of his blocked nose. (And yes, he did defend his ‘racket’ with a “But I can’t help it!!)

But, these past days, to use a wellworn phrase, I wish I had a dollar for every time I’d said, in exasperation “BLOW  your nose!”  ..    They think I’m being harsh, because ‘they can’t help it’ either – but with Ms 14, just now, sitting there actually wiping the nose with the back her hand…. (??!!)


“What with?!” she retorts.


“A tissue! Or a hanky!”

Ah, but the tissue box in lounge room has just finished. (My fault, yes?)

Oh? What about getting another box? If there’s none in the linen press, then I know Ms 10 has a box near her bed. And another in the playroom.

She goes upstairs, and finds a couple of boxes under Ms 10’s bed – when Ms 10 can’t locate her tissue box, she just goes and gets another one. As you do, of course.

*bangs head on keyboard*



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3 responses to “Rainy days and.. um, Sundays

  1. there’s always TOILET PAPER, right? even if every tissue box on the planet is empty, one doesn’t run out of toilet paper, in a civilized country…I’ve been known to walk around with half a roll in my pocket because I don’t feel like going to the store for tissues.

    Sorry about not getting to sleep in this morning. I was planning on it as well, and was wide awake at 5 am.

    Our time change is in November. I like the Fall change, an extra hour to get ready in t he mornings,but no more sunny evenings for sitting on the patio for supper. Oh well, trade-off I suppose.

  2. Linda

    do not get me started about toilet paper, the rule is that you use the last sheet you replace the roll not hard….but……they leave the last sheet, the one with the glue to the roll and say they that it isn’t the last sheet..UGH

    i love this new paper called COTTONELLE it us lovely and thick, like a facewasher, not cheap but I only buy it when it is on special…godd special the other day so I bought two packs, 16 rolls in each pack. DH i prefer dickead hubbie, not dear husband proceeds to let me know the total of rolls in our house now totals 125, so what is your point I ask. to save money you have to spend money, and if he didn’t give me the s…. so much i wouldn’t need so much

  3. Tracey

    There’s always those old fashioned things called handerchiefs too Rootie! And as for you inability to go back to sleep at 5am? I feel for you. This morning (Monday public hol) I got up to go to the loo at 8am, then went back to bed and got more sleep!! I’m hardcore!

    End of October was a much more sensible time for us to start DS I have to say. Though, as I do the northern/southern hemisphere switch in my head, it means that you have a heck of a long time on DS!! Doesn’t it?

    Have that same ‘rule’ problem in our place too Linda. Ah yes, Cottonelle. Hard to go back to any other loo paper after that. I buy the double rolls – it halves the times I need to chuck a wobbly about people not replacing the roll.

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