Busy, busy, busy.

I’m just saying that to excuse the fact that I haven’t been here for a week.  To be perfectly honest I’ve been on the computer a bit, but I have been in Aimless Mode  – reading/blogsurfing/facebooking/mindless twittering – rather than composing anything of great substance.  The scarf hasn’t seen much action either, I have to say. Told you it was all related and symbolically significant. What to make of that? Do I need a motto – “I knit, therefore I write?”   Hmmmm.

I’ve been doing a bit of the old fashioned pen and paper thing, though. Remember that? In the days before computers, when we wrote in longhand?  In the past week I’ve had to do a bit of waiting around in shops while cars were in getting their air con fixed.  Even with supermarket parcel pickup, there’s only so much shopping I can handle in one hit, so I decided to use my time a bit constructively. Thus I’ve been a bit of an odd food court fixture, sitting there scribbling away furiously in a notebook, cappuccino at my side. Must attract a few glances.

One more PRG article just accepted, so that’s another bottle of wine. (Or something to the value of…)  And there’s a few in my head and in scribble form in my notebook.  I looked again very seriously at this Online Feature Writing course I’ve been eyeing off all year, and I’ve decided that I will do it. There is stuff I need to know – and I think investing my first magazine article cheque (whenever that comes) into it is appropriate. I could have jumped onboard with the next one, but decided that school holidays would be bad timing. We aren’t going anywhere, but there will be kids! hanging around and cramping my style.

Kids! (Said with a eye roll, and hands flung in the air in despair.) Or rather Teenagers! Pffft. What a rollercoaster ride it is.  From one end of the spectrum to the other, and everything in between.  A delightful Ms 16 got up early and came with me to the Community Ride last Saturday morning.   And then there was the 16 yr old witch that came out over the Sand That Did Not Get Cleaned Up Properly from the bathroom. (I mentioned that last blog post, so we’re talking over a week here.) Finally last night I resorted to evil tactics and used leverage to get her to do it. Leverage?  As in ” you want me to do such & such, well, you clean up that bloody sand in the bathroom then” ultimatums.

Hah. She stood there and argued that expecting her to vacuum it up was unreasonable, that I hadn’t SPECIFIED originally that she was required to VACUUM IT, that carrying the vacuum cleaner up the stairs hurt her back, that she’d already swept it up (with a dustpan and brush – that she left up there!) and the fact that the sand subsequently fell out of the holey sided dustbin in the bathroom was NOT HER FAULT.

When I had no options left but to yell ‘Just friggin DO IT’, you WILL use the vacuum cleaner whether you like it or not, it’s obviously about time you learnt how!’  she did it with extremely bad grace (and a lot of banging things) and subsequently boycotted going up to the primary school to watch her younger sister’s class movie premiere on the grounds that she doesn’t want to be anywhere with horrible mothers who have the hide to yell at her. (Perhaps the fact that she was also told, somewhat emphatically, that she obviously needed the practice, so henceforth she’d be vacuuming the bathroom, AND the playroom floor once a week! – had something to do with the foul mood, and the desire for some sort of REVENGE.)

I’ve always said that this one was the girl with the curl.  Middle child is not quite so bad, though frustrating in other ways – and the Tweenager, albeit a bit messy and starting to practice some avoidance tactics, still generally wants to please, thank goodness.  Last night I found myself thinking that it is only her keeping me sane at the moment, in terms of positive reinforcement of my mothering ability – and I just hope to hell she doesn’t venture down that argumentative, lazy, “couldn’t give a sh*t” path.  Or if she does, that the eldest by then has emerged from that long tunnel of adolescence, and done whatever it is butterflies do – ie. turned into a fully charming and reasonable human being.  I don’t know if I can handle all three doing the full on Teenager thing to me at once.

(Do you watch United States of Tara? – Why is it that some of the behaviours  – ie. the different personalities exhibited by the various ‘alters’  – remind me just of typical teenage behaviour? Sometimes I feel like I have a daughter who is different people on different days.)

Disclaimer – OK, I am lucky, so far – she hasn’t really crossed to the dark side.  She’s not even as bad as Tara’s alter, “T”. Just.. heaven help me if she did, though, with that attitude.

So, other than that, this week I’ve survived Himself’s absence over the weekend (for a total of 6 days, actually) while he jaunted off to New Zealand to play against New Zealand in that NTRA trans Tasman competition. I confess having been a bit ‘meh’ about him going (ie. all that money just for him – me? envious much?), but he had such a good time, I can’t begrudge him the experience. He ended up playing in a mixed Seniors team as well as the Mens over 45s, and they had a win in both.  Doesn’t usually happen – the Kiwis are pretty tough competition with their Touch – so he was one very happy boy on his return. Couldn’t shut him up – all the way home from the airpor and the rest of the night. The only thing that has taken the wind out of his sails this week is a sore throat and cold, which I am assiduously trying to avoid (and hoping that he wasn’t too contagious the night he got back!)

We survived the netball presentation, and fortunately I didn’t hear first hand the couple of whinges my daughter heard about getting ‘photos’.

What else? One Nearly 11 yr old’s participation in a Regional Spelling bee. (Tuesday – she got to Round 3, about half way).  One Nearly 11yr old’s class movie premiere (Last night. v. cool – bravo to one hip teacher!). And one Nearly 11 yr old’s class play (just today) – also good.

I’ve washed three cars – not a frequent occurrence round here – so it warrants a mention!- but the dust storm last week , plus another milder dose blowing in from the west on Saturday – left them embarrassingly dirty, even for me.  I’m trying not to look at the other places the dust has taken up residence around here.

Not much movement with the renovation business – will leave all that for another blog post.

Over the past week I’ve had the odd blog post composing itself in my head. eg. “10 reasons not to give up drinking wine from tonight” – but somehow after I’ve finished dinner, the wine, ignored the various ‘issues’ and vegged out with my current fav TV shows, then I’ve lost the urge to rant. Quite probably a good thing.

I’ve not managed to get down to the beach – at all! – but I’m trying to go a bit easy on the walking because of my niggly knee. Last swimming squad for the term tomorrow night – then a break for two weeks with school hols – so I don’t want to be a crock for it.

So? A bit busy? Yep. Mindless twitter? Not always. Fingers crossed for rhubarb that they solve her mystery spots and painful, ikky eye. Where is Dr House when you need him?  Puts all my ravings into perspective, that’s for sure.



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4 responses to “Busy, busy, busy.

  1. I’ve never had a houseful of teenage girls, but a houseful of teenage *anything* involves alot of wine and cool packs on the eyes. Isn’t it funny how they’ll spend 30 minutes getting hot under the collar about doing a 5 minute task?

  2. Linda

    at last I get to read something, I thought that you may have given up…selfish I know…but I do enjoy your little rants..

    vaccuming, I agree miss 20 years would rather debate ( our fault, I was good at it at school and we encouraged her to do it through her school years ) for 20 mins than do it straight away, then she will lay down for another 30 mins before actually doing it! Those acting classes she takes are really kicking in now…

  3. I get the odd apology for being such a bother now that he’s looking back ( choke choke ) on his youth.

    It’s really hard listening to him talk about how young everyone looks now that he’s reached the ripe old age of 27

    No matter the age they always come up with something to drop our jaws.

  4. Tracey

    Good to know I’m not alone! And that there’s some hope that in about 10 years time she might have the grace to acknowledge that she was, at times, a bit .. unreasonable..?!!

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