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Things were certainly not looking good last night with the computer. Computer Tech guy came to bed in a rather distracted mood, having just told me that he didn’t know if he’d be able to get to the data on the hard drive. He’d tried a couple of ways, but no luck so far.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?  The question ‘When did you last back up?’

“Oh shit.. ages.”…

I went to bed trying not to think about the worst case scenario and how mind numbingly stupid  I have been. Really I could live without most of the documents on there. But.. and there’s a ‘but’ of course. The photos. THE PHOTOS!!!! 

The good news is that he woke up with ‘a few ideas’ on other methods of accessing the data, and by the time I came downstairs he was transferring my stuff onto his laptop. So I immediately forgave him the snoring that kept me awake in the night.

So things still aren’t ideal here – the fight will be on for use of this laptop again this afternoon and tonight, and meanwhile, while I have sole usage thereof, the ergonomics of using it on the dining room table are not good. (Think I’d better make a move to the computer desk with it.) I have some course work to do for Sunday (and until I can trawl through my emails on his computer, I don’t have the link and password to access the course module.)

I also need to figure out what we’re having for dinner, and if I need to go to the shops or not… and to try not to think about phone conversations last night that have prompted an extreme bout of self loathing for having let myself put on weight, and a quandary as to the best way to take action and do something other than whinge and moan about it.

Something (else) that I’m not considering ‘lucky’ is my stupid shoulders and upper arms.  With one really bad night during the week, after which I begged a massage from a friend who is building up her massage therapist business, today is … ok… only insofar as it’s the left arm’s turn to be a sodding pain, and, being right-handed, I don’t use it nearly  as much. How it’s going to go at swimming tonight I don’t know.  Voltaren is my friend.



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Well, I’m not sure what it is about this week, but the universe is laying down a few teeny challenges.  Teeny tiny in the scheme of things, but challenges no less. Like ‘MY COMPUTER SUDDENLY AND INEXPLICABLY WON’T BOOT UP TODAY!!!!’

The weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth has been averted temporarily, as I have internet access via the spare laptop (that is in our possession because of Himself being admin officer for his local Touch footy association.)  There may well be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth this evening as all four of us vie for use of this handy, um, accessory, to our household, because a week or so ago the kids’ desktop computer shat itself (if you’ll pardon the French, but I’m struggling for some decorum right now..) .. and our Computer Guy (aka Himself) pronounced it ‘dead’, and is in the process of deciding what to buy as a replacement.

Add to the mix the HSC student (well, Year 11, but Yr 12 work started officially this term) and our undertaking to get her her own laptop for this last year, and the fact that I finally allowed her to take this baby into her room so that she could work in peace and quiet…  well… let’s just say that the natives are going to be restless around here tonight.

Computer Guy returns from a work trip in a couple of hours (but then disappears with the eldest daughter to play Touch Footy)  – well, I can only hope that he takes one look at my machine and is able to wave his magic wand and say “there you go! fixed!”

Not holding my breath though.


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Good luck with that one.


In the supermarket this afternoon Ms 16 conned me into buying two blocks of chocolate because they were on a ‘2 for’ special. (She owes me $3 for the block she’s taking to school to share her DEAR (rollcall) class friends.)  I kinda tried to resist. “You’re just trying to make me fat!” I said. So this was her solution – for all of us.

Funny how late tonight there was already a row gone.. and then.. somehow… another row kinda disappeared.


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Grey and overcast. Like my mood.


Well, at least the dog next door just stopped howling. But it’s grey and overcast – and, well..  I’m just having one of those days…

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Meanwhile, there’s been a birthday in the house.

My baby turned 11 on Tuesday. How is that possible?

She made her own cupcakes to share with her classmates the night before.  (Life is tough when you have to make your own birthday cakes, but I think she kind of got a kick out of it.) And I did ice them for her in the morning and took them up to school. (But forgot to take a photo!)

The birthday morning was pretty low key, present-wise, as she’d elected to go halves (with the next sister up) in getting the Wii.   Some knee and elbow pads to go with a windfall acquisition last week when the visitors gave her some hand-me-down roller blades.  And an IOU for a couple of books she wanted (that Grandma couldn’t find in the shops in Sydney). I found them online on the weekend and ordered them.  I’m pretty good at stringing birthdays out a bit.

After school her friend turned up (as organised without her knowing, thanks to the Mums who ran into each other in the supermarket! ) I bought icecream and cones. Not your everyday afternoon tea after school.


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Running away from home. Day 2.

The main reason to stay in a suburb close to the city was that I could check out, but leave the car in their back yard. And walk. A morning constitutional along the Brisbane River would be a fine thing to do, I thought.

It was only a few blocks down to the water – with a Woollies supermarket and a bakery conveniently located on the way.  Some vitals for brekkie purchased, then consumed on a seat overlooking the river and Story Bridge, and I had some fuel to keep going.  Brisbane city has a wonderful promenade right along the river bank, and I knew that there were cafes along there.  Problem was I couldn’t make up my mind which one to stop at,  and then ended up beyond the options and into the Botanic Gardens.   I should have kept going over the bridge to Southbank, but I was starting to get a bit desperate for my breakfast coffee, and the Queen Street mall (and airconditioning) was the stronger attraction. That morning sun was packing a punch  – and I’d walked about 4km already. On no coffee, that was quite an achievement, especially given it was already mid-morning. It’s not like I got up early after the night before!

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Stuck in the middle …

She’s done it before.. a classic song parody for me, in the comments of my post about how I would ride one hundred miles.

And she did it for Bush Babe with Any rain will do.

And now she’s done it again, about our blog meet.


Rhubarb sings 'Stuck in the Middle' with us.

You just have to hop on over and read the whole thing.

And I’ll just have to go up and get stuck in the middle with them again too.


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