And then there was nothing. Much.

After all my excitement of last post, I haven’t heard a thing back about the article – how they’re going to pay me, etc etc.  I don’t know whether to hassle, or sit back and chill out for a bit. Don’t really know how these things work.

And after my PRG rush of accepted articles, it’s all been a bit quiet on the western front there too.  I guess things go with ebbs and flows – this week is very much “ebb”.  I haven’t exactly been churning out anything – just a couple for editing.*

[* Some ‘action’ after all, got posted up late today my time ]

I’m realising that my ‘get up and go’ is tightly intertwined with the whole monthly cycle business. And when I say ‘cycle business’  I don’t actually mean the bike riding – although it’s fair to say that I was a bit off with the pixies last Monday after an 87km tandem ride on Sunday!  – couldn’t swim in Monday’s swim squad class to save my life.  Coach told me my body needed a recovery session. I think I’m just getting old.

But, bloody hell, this perimenopausal crap is knocking me around. I can only look forward (NOT!) to the real thing.  I started taking Evening Primrose Oil again in the vain hope that it might even out the bumps a bit. It might work better – along with the Glucosamine for my ageing joints – if I remembered to take it with every meal. But I can tell from my moods, and general perspective on life that there’s something hormonally related going on.  Suffice to say that this week is ‘glass half empty week’ – but in another week, or thereabouts, depending on what my body has in store, hopefully I’ll be back to ‘glass half full’. And the rollercoaster ride will continue.

So, on top of all that palava, this week I reckon I also have Post Netball Season Stress Disorder, with the highs of Grand Final time last weekend, and the lead up to the Presentation this weekend. Of course Dopey here offers to do up all the certificates, AND, for the first time this year, team photos. (Cropping, photoshopping frames, writing team names etc.) Now, this would be easy peasy japanesy and all done and dusted by now if I hadn’t decided to delegate to another parent earlier this year. Spread the work load and all that. Involve other parents. Yaddah, yaddah.  “Yep! I’m right into the photography – bring my camera every week”  Said he.

The committee decided (finally this year – hurrah) to cut costs and only give out trophies (for the Junior teams) to the Winners and Runners Up. (Previously the ‘done thing’ has been to give all the other teams a ‘participation’ trophy – which I’ve never agreed with anyway – takes away from the kudos of the others’ achievements IMHO…)


“Can I ask you to do the team photos? It’ll need to be done over the season, to make sure you get each team on a day when everyone is there.” Said I. To the photographer parent.

And, of course, end result is I have two team photos where team members are missing.  The only solution is a photoshopping job. BUT – that requires finding a pic of the missing player/s. Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? That it would have been less time consuming, and less stressful, had I taken the bloody photos myself? Even if my camera isn’t as good, at least I would have done the job the way it needed to be done, and I wouldn’t be stressing out two days before the Presentation, trying to get people to trawl through their harddrives looking for photos, getting them to send them to me (in a reasonable resolution) and having to rely on daughter #1  (who has exams all this week) to help with the photoshopping magic.

Did I just mention Daughter and exams in the same sentence. Arrrgh. Don’t mention the war. And, it’s not what you think.  We don’t have her stressing out over studying. We have the opposite end of the spectrum happening here. She is not studying (Maths), because she is basically intending to fail Maths. Because she wants to drop to General Maths (but left it too late in the year to present her case to us). Because she ‘tries but she doesn’t understand it’ (which translates to ‘if I have to strain my brain a bit, I couldn’t be bothered, and I don’t want to ask Dad for help because I want to be independent and I don’t like anyone expecting me to focus on the topic at hand for more than 15 minutes at a time, GEEZ, and it doesn’t matter what you parents think, you don’t realise how good you have it with me compared to other kids, if me not being good at Maths is the biggest issue you have, and so what if I make deals with you about going out on the Saturday night before the exams and promising to study all Sunday, but then don’t get up till 11.00, then go to the beach for more than an hour.. seriously, wtf, just leave me alone’.

Safe to say we are struggling a bit with this little phase of parenting and feeling totally ill equipped to deal with this headstrong offspring of ours. Neither of us can fathom being prepared to walk into an exam completely and utterly unprepared, not having made ANY attempt to understand the work.  The Daddy is even more frantic and annoyed than me – and so I swing between understanding each one’s point of view – and thus being totally inconsistent with her.  I tell him that we need to just let her deal with the consquences herself. Then, after he’s had a rant, I see his point of view, and then next thing I know I’m yelling at her that I won’t be bothered driving her places she wants to go (like before school classes for her Dance unit!- yes, it does irk us that she puts time and effort into that, and not into Maths) when she isn’t bothered doing the slightest bit of work towards the maths.

Today I am in ‘que sera sera’ mode. The exam was this morning. She didn’t study for it. (She will say she did a bit, but it was two thirds of SFA and totally inadequate.)  She probably sat there twiddling her thumbs for two hours. So? Her problem, not mine.  If she does as well as she did in the half yearlies in every other subject, it’s a bit hard to play hardball with one subject. Even if we knew that if she just put a little bit of effort in, (because she actually does have the brains) then she would do ok. (We’re only asking for OK – not perfection!)

So I’m not stressing about it at all. Much.

But she’s bringing a friend home after school that she has to teach a choreographed dance to, and she’s not done properly things she was supposed to do (like clean up the sand she dumped all over the bathroom with her beach towel last Sunday), and I’m not ANNOYED with her over that.  MUCH. (But I need her to do this photoshopping for me, so I can’t give her consquences that piss her off. MUCH!!)

Himself is away for a few days. Heading to New Zealand to play in a Touch Rugby competition. He had this huge debacle with the flights being changed, and, under a group booking being at the mercy of idiots making decisions for him without consulting him – so he spent all day Tuesday getting them to make changes so he wasn’t having to drive home from Brisbane on Sunday after getting up at 1am (after a day of Touch competition and an official dinner + 1 hr drive to accommodation that he’s paid for), get on a bus from Rotorua to Auckland (3 hours+) to be at Auckland airport for a 6.30am flight. (The 4.30 pm flight got cancelled.)  At an extra cost of $100+ (the Association going halves with him after he argued with them till they agreed just to shut him up I think) he is now on a slightly later flight back to Sydney (instead) and then on a flight to Coffs.  All very well organisers having to make ‘quick’ decisions, but at some point you have to put your foot down and stand up for your own safety. And he wasn’t prepared to put his life on the line trying to drive 5 hours after stuff-all sleep.

So that’s this week.  Apart from the dust storm yesterday that we even experienced right on the coast here too. And one car needing more than $300 spent on it to fix the air con (with the other car needing it’s aircon fixed too).

Like I said. Nothing … much.



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7 responses to “And then there was nothing. Much.

  1. Linda

    it may be a week of nothing MUCH but at least you make a good story out of it!

  2. Linda

    you may call it a week of nothing…but it still makes a good story!

  3. Linda

    sorry i doubled up

  4. Tracey

    LOL, and gave me three comments. Go Linda!

  5. Linda

    i like even numbers……………….

  6. Okay, the presentations are now over – pity I didn’t get here beforehand to save you the stress and tell you to have some deep breaths and LET IT GO – if all members aren’t in the team photo, what is the worst that can happen?

    A harpy mother wanting to know why her darling isn’t represented? Well, I assume she knew when photos were and if they couldn’t attend could have made up some of the hard yards for you?

    That way you could have kicked assets on your daughter and her sliding attitude!!

    Hugs Trace – this week will be better.

  7. Tracey

    Meh, Jeanie, the team photo thing wasn’t that official. I’d just asked the dad to do it over the season! Catch each team when everyone’s there. Why is that so hard?

    Anyway, presentation went ok. Ms 16 said she reckoned half the people liked the photo idea, and half were whingeing. A big fat “WHATEVER!” is what I say!

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