Professionally speaking…

I’m not sure at what point I can start calling myself a “writer”. Or “freelance writer”.  I’ve had my FIRST magazine article ‘accepted’ for publication, with an offer of payment. Payment that sounded pretty good to me, even if it came with apologies because they’ve had to cut back with the global economic situation. I daresay I’m a bit naive, but,  sitting here at home alone when the email came in I did a squeal, and a happy dance – as much as one can happy dance while sitting on an office chair.

Yet to make payment arrangements etc, but still, it’s a breakthrough, non? I’m excited.

It tops off a good phase with PRG – got paid for a few more articles, and I’ve had two ‘up there’ this week!

I should be buying Linda and Trish a drink with a percentage of the proceeds (seriously, that’s about what it pays!) for the piece I whipped up after their contribution in the comments for my “Unfinished Business” post.  I even used ‘quotes’! So, thanks for the inspiration girls!  Glad to know I’m not the only one who has wasted money on one of those exercise contraptions.

And the Reunion Report continues – with Part 2 being run today (Friday.)   I recognise a certain person in the comments section there too!  Think Part 3 might get its gig next Friday, which will bring it to a close. I’ve certainly milked that experience for all its worth, haven’t I?

So that’s me for this week. It’s been a significant one for me.

Told you the scarf had symbolism!



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3 responses to “Professionally speaking…

  1. Remember you’re suppose to frame your first pay cheque, or in this modern world, print out and display the electronic bank transfer in a very prominent location.
    Boasting is allowed. *smile*

  2. Linda

    happy happy happy……..that how I feel for you..I hope that you broke the bank and got a $15.00 dollar bottle of champers instead of the usual $8.00 bottle..hang on that is what I would do and I have been able to buy bottles for less than $8.00

    anyway back to you….it doesn’t even matter about the size of your payment, well it does a bit, YOU ARE A PUBLISHED WRITER NOW AND THAT IS FANTASTIC

  3. Hooray! It’s like….real validation, that you really are a for-real writer! Congratulations 🙂

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