Pretty in pink.

Words have dried up on me this week. (I’m doing the net equivalent of pacing up and down impatiently waiting for some news. Sadly that doesn’t involve exercise.)

So I’ll wax lyrical about the beach. Again. I took these photos last week.


Have I mentioned before how it is always different?

Yes, Trace.

Have I mentioned before how my favourite time to walk is low tide?

Probably, you’re always going on about tide times and all that. Yaddah, yaddah… blah, blah, blah.

Have I mentioned how my favourite time to walk is late afternoon, when Mother Nature has taken her box of pastel watercolours out?

Hmm, maybe. I dunno…

Ok, I’ll just shut up now, and give up with the strained analogies.


If I could time manage myself to get out and walk at this time every day, I think I’d be onto something.



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4 responses to “Pretty in pink.

  1. We are an hour from the beach here, and it’s an east-facing one, so I never see the sunrise, but isn’t it interesting how, no matter what, the beach makes for terrific photographs?

  2. Linda

    you never told us if the trees were removed from the storm

    a new idea to write about? those kitchen gadgets that you buy and never use…just an idea

  3. Tracey

    This is an east facing beach too Rootie, and I’ve rarely seen a sunrise either! You’re right though about its photographic potential.

    Ah, those trees – I’ll get up there and get an update. The beach is almost back to ‘normal’.

    Ah, all those kitchen gadgets, good idea!

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