It’s called making progress.

Seems I’ve been a bit sidetracked this past week; at least one person has missed my dashing wit and sparkling repartee. (Seems I’ve been a bit slow on Facebook too!) What can I say… not so good with the multitasking.

But I’ve been making some progress on a few things. Important things that I need to finish.
Like this:

scarfprogressIt’s symbolic, ok.

Hey – I might even finish it before it gets too hot and humid to hold knitting needles and wool in my sweaty paws. If I can finish that this year, I can do anything!

I’ve been trying to set aside the mornings to some ‘serious’ writing. I’ve sent off some more writing pieces (waiting to hear back – especially to see if I get a breakthrough with a magazine.).

I’ve done some exercise every day. (Even got my road bike out and chalked up 19 km riding to meet a friend for lunch, instead of driving. So extra greenie points there, surely?)

And I’ve still managed to come up with something for dinner each night.

Go me.



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3 responses to “It’s called making progress.

  1. Go you! Now the scarf will be all ready for the Fall, when it gets there. It’s pretty!

  2. Linda

    you are a classic….knitting, writing and cooking all in one day

    the scarf looks very long it for a giraffe?

  3. Tracey

    no, no, not long enough yet.

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