Those were the days, my friend

We’re going back to the future. Sort of. (I’ve never actually understood that expression anyway!) Or maybe for a trip in the Tardis. Not far, not long – we’re only talking days and weeks. Just enough to mess with your heads. And for me to have to keep schtumm for a bit.

I went to my 30 year reunion last weekend, but for the purposes of getting a set of articles published online at PRG you’ll have to pretend it’s just about to happen. Yeah, it feels a bit weird not to be blogging it, but, hey.  When you’re a wannabe freelance writer, you take your paid publishing work seriously. (Am I sounding more professional than I actually am?!)

I’ve drafted the next instalment, but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out how it really went!



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9 responses to “Those were the days, my friend

  1. Linda

    IT IS KILLING ME TO HAVE TO WAIT………this is one article I am dying to read as I want to read/hear another persons angle of the night, I know that you will have an amusing angle

  2. Linda

    the wait is over I found it……..very good…..tapestry quote was good!

  3. Good one T.
    Waiting for part 2.

  4. Great article, Trace!!

  5. Wow, excellent article, Trace. Another hing we have in common, a passion for writing. This is getting a bit spooky!

  6. Tracey

    Thx for the support guys. Got the lyrics “I get by with a little help from my friends” playing in my head at the moment!
    I’m still having headspace problems. When I manage to churn out some articles, I can’t seem to manage to come up with anything decent for the blog. Oh well – I’m still a work in progress!

  7. Linda

    you go girl,
    I am behind you 100% and I think that you have a great talent . I am printing off stories to give to my mum as she does not have a computer but wants to know what I am having fun reading,
    she is 81 years old but loves your way of thinking , DO NOT STOP!!

  8. Jebus

    “We’re going back! Back to the Future!”

    Well, Marty and the Doc are in the past, they’ve come from the future, now they wanna get back to the future they originally came from!

  9. Tracey

    But everyone tends to use it when they just mean going back to the past.

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