A spring in my step.

Spring has sprung. Just ask the azalea bush outside my front door:


It’s hard not to feel just a teeny bit upbeat with that profusion of pink to greet you at the front of your house. Sad thing is, I know it won’t last long.


How about that one spray of deep pink?  It’s there every year – making a statement – not centre stage, but off to the side, doing it’s own thing.  Dare to be different, it says. Be individual. Who needs to follow the crowd?

Not sure if the change of season has anything to do with it, whether I’m still buzzing after going to the 30 year school reunion last Saturday night, or whether it’s just that I’m in a good hormonal phase right now, but I’m feeling … alright!

I feel like writing again. I feel like maybe I can write. And that  it’s ok to be me, to be different. Also that there’s no reason why I can’t get stuff published. Other people do, why not me?

So last week I got off my bum and explored an opportunity that might open some doors, or at least get one article published in an actual magazine. Probably doesn’t pay much, but whatever. Never mind that I drafted it first, then contacted the magazine, and discovered that I needed to prune what I’d already written by about fifty percent!  [Still, at least they are interested!] I got part way on that effort and decided that maybe a total rewrite, with a slightly different approach, might be in order. Still got to do it, but I’ve got another week up my sleeve.

That, however, inspired me to get my mojo back with composing some more stuff for PRG; I sent off a couple of drafts and got some wonderfully supportive feedback. So I’m on a roll.

I think.

I could babble on and on about the school reunion, because I had a blast. But I’ll wait and see what makes it to “print”  first.  Yep. It’s “article fodder”. (And I thought I was bad when something would happen and I’d be thinking  “I’ll have to blog that” – Is it wrong that I spent the plane flight home scribbling notes for an article about it while it was all still fresh in my mind? )

One thing I have concluded is that I can’t manage to compose anything particularly read-worthy while I’m sitting here at night with the telly on in the background. Like now.  So I’ll give up on the words,  and show you some more things that made me feel good this afternoon when I decided to swing out the door and take myself for a walk.

But first I had to stop and admire the bottlebrush growing between the carport and the fence, which has suddenly burst into flower.

bottlebrushI love me my native flowers. Bottlebrush round here tends to flower in autumn as well – and lasts a heck of a lot longer than the azaleas.

lorikeetThe rainbow lorikeets love the native flowers as well.
And I could quite happily stand there watching them for ages.

Then I headed down to the beach. I’m working on doing some exercise EVERY day, and when I checked the tide time at around 4.00, it was bang on low, which is a sign from the gods saying ‘Tracey, get off your backside and go for a walk, you idiot. What more incentive do you need, woman?”

And if this can’t put me in a better mood, then I’m not sure what will.



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7 responses to “A spring in my step.

  1. I have an azalea bush that does that as well- soft pink with one hot pink branch. There’s a camellia that does it as well. Isn’t Spring great! I’m happy for you going into it, as we start the slow slide into Fall.

  2. ohhhhhh

    sounding and looking good

  3. Ahh – we have the natives (and rainbow lorikeets) all purty here at the moment too.

    I was thinking of you this morning as I did my long distance ride (possibly up to your warm up length) on the bike!!

  4. Oh, your view is stunning! I’d walk there just for the view!

  5. Tracey

    Ah, I’ve got to go a few hundred metres for that beach view, rhubarb. It’s hard… 😉 .. but worth it.

    Don’t give me too much credit for the bike riding Jeanie, haven’t been on one for over a week!

    Rootie, I like both Spring and Autumn, because of the more sensible temperatures! Mind you, the beach is good for the soul all year round.

  6. Linda

    another great story tracey and yes spring has sprung around here as well!
    We live on a surburban size block but we also try to attract the native birds with lots of grevillas and bottlebrushes. I get terrible hayfever and come out in welts on my arms when I get to close but it is all worth it to get to see the birds.

    I was also at a reunion on the weekend and had such a fun time, I COULD babble on for hours about the great people there but I will wait for your story as this is your blog………heh heh

  7. Tracey

    My mum used to get a bad rash if she brushed up against a grevillea.

    Hey, so where was your reunion Linda? You know, there was someone at ours who reminded me a lot of you!

    [Hmmm, this reunion write up could be a long drawn out process. They are running the first one on Friday – but that’s just the lead-up. And she’s talking 3 weeks till the next one. (Three?! weeks!)
    Arrrgh… ]

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