I’m an champion Procrastinator, and the internet, of course, has elevated me to Olympic level. Never mind all the blogs I visit, lately I’ve got myself hooked on a range of sites. To LOLCATS and beyond, these are some of the sites that steal my time:

Failblog. Just as LOLCAT speak has infiltrated the language around our house – and forged a common bond of understanding with the teenagers, even – I’m still on my L-plates. I only found out about the whole FAIL terminology thing from my kids recently, but I very quickly caught up on the whole concept with a quick trip to fail blog land.  Some of the contributions are nothing more than a glorified Funniest Home Videos, but you can’t help laughing at most of them.

As you can imagine, anything cycling related usually makes me laugh:

But wait, there’s more. A favourite for a while has been notalwaysright.com – Seeing I once worked in retail, I find many of these shared anecdotes about stupid customers pretty amusing. Mind you, there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind starting up one about some stupid or frustrating customer service I’ve been on the receiving end of…

There’s awkwardfamilyphotos.com – which is kind of reassuring, in that, despite everything I think is weird and abnormal about my extended family, I don’t think there’s actually a photo anywhere in the archives that would qualify for inclusion on that site. (Maybe we’re more normal than I think.)

Then there’s the overheardeverywhere group. Read one page, you get the gist. But you can’t help but check out the next one. And the next one…

So, by the time I’ve addictively and systematically checked out all the pages in the archives of all those sites, little wonder I’ve not achieved much else around here lately.

And most of those sites have links to other funny but dreadfully timewasting sites.

Please don’t tell me any others you know of…

.. well.. maybe.. oh, ok.. go on then, just quickly….

And if you didn’t know about any of these before now… I’m sorry! I hope you have more willpower than me.



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7 responses to “Timewasters

  1. We waste our time on the same sites. I find going across the Lolcats toolbar at the top of the page good for killin’ at least 15 minutes.

    I remember once, a while back, the interwebs were down due to some ghastly tragedy at the server thing, and I went for a solid 4 days with no access. My house has never been so clean and even the yard was raked. it was boring as hell.

  2. Tracey

    If that happens to me, I’ll find something else. A book. The newspaper. Anything but cleaning!

  3. Stop right now or you will never get out of that computer chair.
    I am a stronger woman! I didn’t let you lure me in. ( ok, so I’ve seen some already thanks to Stephen)
    I find if I start I can’t stop so I avoid.

  4. No no no no no no no no no.

    I will NOT click on any of those links, you evil woman!!

  5. Linda

    oh goodness me, thank u tracey for showing me the way!
    I do like your sense of humour, so I too enjoy those sites and appreciate being directed to them

    BUT I do agree with jeanie

  6. I am also a failblog addict. Love it. And photobomb. And the ‘totally looks like’… blog. Oh dear – I do waste a bit of time, don’t I?

  7. thesolidwoodflooringcompany

    i m with jeanie.

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