Mmmm, cake….

After the last post you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only cake I know how to make is a quickmix in a baba tin.*   Not true.  Once upon a time I was a younger mother with much more energy than I have these days, and from the very first  birthday (of, in the end, three children), I started making novelty cakes. At first I copied them out of the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake books – but after a few years I became a little more daring and, dare I say it, creative, and I branched out and did my own thing – with varying results.

[*A ring tin with fancy moulding, called also by other names which I cannot recall.]

It also used to lead to just a bit of Stress!  in the lead up to party time – a kitchen in complete chaos with bowls of coloured frosting, cut up lollies, and cake crumbs everywhere.  And me in a flap, covered in frosting,  trying to ignore the rolled eyes of a husband who didn’t really *get* why I brought this on myself.

Some years they might have even ended up with a few cakes – the main feature for a party, and another one for the actual birthday day, and potentially even another one if a grandparent came for a visit. [They weren’t all as fancy, but is it any wonder I’m now certifiably insane?]

Anyway, I thought I might share some of my creations.  You just have to remember that we’re talking up to 15 years ago, and many of these predated digital cameras – and any scanning commonsense or know-how on my part. (One of these years I will have to dig out the prints and rescan them at higher resolutions.)

These are just a few, in no particular order (I don’t even seem to have scanned in the very first one!)  Mostly I can remember which of the three girls they were made for… and mostly I remember which age. Mostly.


Hi-5 for a five year old (who is now 14!). Not sure Hi-5 has made it overseas, but any Aussies with kids will know how popular they’ve been for many years.


#2 had a teddy that looked a bit like this.


And #3 had a teddy that looked a bit like this!

B2cakeThis guy should need no introduction.
(Possibly #1’s second or third birthday?.. now I’m struggling…)

cake2This was for #3, but I’m starting to lose track of which birthday! Definitely a princessy stage. Fairy princessy stage. What princess wouldn’t want a heart shaped castle?
(And if anyone says the towers look phallic, I’ll hit you…)

dolphin_cakeOur eldest was always dolphin crazy. *Think* this was for her 9th birthday. Or 10th. Gah.

One straight out of the ABC for Kids cake book. #2 must have been keen on Johnson.
Definitely her 2nd birthday. We had just made the big move up here, and it was a few weeks late, waiting till the Daddy arrived after finishing work on our previous house.

And someone must have liked Lulu.
Hands up, who can tell me all of Lulu’s friends?

turtlecakesmallHmmm.. think it was a Sea-themed party for #2 – when she was about 6.
(Year 1 party – We had about 20 kids here. Eep.)

nimbus2000smallSomeone was into Harry Potter. They all have been at some point or another,
but this, I think was for #1. Some year or other…

Well, those are only some of the many… might show you the others another day.  Sadly for #3  I seem to have petered out with any motivation to come up with these creations (I think I was still going past 10 years old with the others.)  Which sucks, but I suppose it comes with the territory. I think she still has good memories of cool cakes that Mum made when she was a kid…  Maybe if she’s a good girl there might be one more left in me by the time October and her 11th birthday rolls around.



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13 responses to “Mmmm, cake….

  1. The towers look phallic.



  2. Definitely phallic. At least you didn’t have flags coming out of them

    Cute cakes, tho! I love the High 5 one! The baba tin thing- I think it sounds like what we call a bundt pan here- ring tube thing with flutey edges?

  3. I make all my cakes in a bundt pan now. Easy to ice and only one pan to wash.
    Course I only use cake mixes and pre made icing although I think in the distant past I made fancy cakes for S on his birthday.

  4. Linda Dalrymple

    another great story! I too used to go overboard on my kids cakes, Big Bird was one I remember, it took me 6 1/4 hours just to ice. It tasted bloody awful but it was a piece of art and my girl was aged 3 years and LOVED it.

  5. Tracey

    I use the word “phallic”, and suddenly Michelle appears out of the woodwork! LOL.

    Yes, “bundt” tin is the term I was looking for. For some reason the Womens Weekly books refer to them as ‘baba’! Which conjures up images of Baba the Elephant for some reason – go figure…

    E – one day I demand you try one of my quick mix recipes! I’m determined to get you back from the dark side!

    LOL, Linda. 6 hours! Love it! (And Big Bird?! I’m impressed!) More than once with parties I’d see the frosting licked off and the cake left – but I pretty quickly learnt to make a cream cheese and butter frosting (as it didn’t seem to melt (and taste rancid) so quickly in the heat), tasted scrumptious, and then just a good old plain butter cake. And I learnt to freeze the cake beforehand, so that you could cut the shapes out without it crumbling all over the place.

  6. I think you are alking about a Bundt tin? I am off to get one this weekend actually, after reading a blurb in Donna Hay!

  7. Linda Dalrymple

    NOW YOU GIVE ME THE HINTS ABOUT PREPARING THE CAKE. thanks alot but where were you 20 years ago when it would have been helpful ……… ha ha

  8. I use the word “phallic”, and suddenly Michelle appears out of the woodwork! LOL.

    Well, I am single… 😉

  9. Tracey

    Linda, 20 years ago I had no idea! I think you started the Mummy Marathon a bit ahead of me! (Come to think of it, how old did you say your kids were?)

    Michelle, I’m just impressed with myself managing to lure you into commenting on a post about kids birthday cakes! (Now to work on some other .. themes.. that might .. interest you! 😉 )

  10. Linda Dalrymple

    i like the way michelle’s mind thinks……school girl snigger entered here…….
    and to tracey, yes the girl is 20 years and the boy is 18 years and I never doubled up on themes for their parties…I am very proud of that!!!

  11. Wow you’ve made some awesome cakes 🙂 We had a trampoline cake at age 2, a disaster at age 1 and were overseas for age 3!

    Miss 4 is already planning what I can make next year! I figure I’ve done the most difficult one now anything else will be a breeze

  12. Absolutely, you’ll be a total legend at it by the time she’s 10!

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