They really do love me.

Mum’s birthday cake Version 2.0 a couple of nights later. This time she remembered to spray the tin!


Quickmix Banana cake, with caramel icing. nomnomnom…

[Ms 16 played around with filters and stuff with the top photo – but I couldn’t be bothered to attempt to replicate her efforts …]

By the time our family gets to my birthday we are actually a bit caked out.

Ms Middle Child had her 14th birthday in late July. For one reason or another, this didn’t end up being a party year for her, but her mother did manage to make a cake on the day in question. We just didn’t have a charged up camera battery, so we had to make do with mobile phone cameras (and I still haven’t got round to collecting the ones Big Sister took on her phone.)


candlesali2Golden caramel cake with drizzled melted chocolate, strawberries, cream AND icecream. Double omnomnomnomnom…

And then 2 weeks later (and a mere five days before my birthday) the Daddy turns another year older, and gets a bit of special treatment. (Even if this year he had to cook the BBQ for dinner!)


candlesdad2His favourite – Quickmix Lemon Delicious cake.  He’s not a real sweettooth.

Thank goodness we have a breather for two months before Littlest has her turn for a day in the candlelight.



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4 responses to “They really do love me.

  1. Awww – they do love you.

    I don’t have a ring pan – looking at all your offerings I might seriously contemplate such.

  2. Tracey

    A ‘baba’ tin and the Women’s Weekly Quickmix cake book and you can impress anybody!

  3. Linda Dalrymple

    nice nice

  4. Ours all come in a rush, too. I am in the middle though. But after organising child birthdays, adult birthdays get lost in the fray 😦

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