A good day and a proud mum.

A successful day at the netball carnival.  Good weather, and, out of three teams that we took from our association, we had a win (#3’s team in the 10/11s – a set of girls that don’t normally play together), and a runners up (#1 & 2’s club team – coached by Dad –  in B grade).

I’m not a netballer, but I’ve now watched enough to know that it’s worth being a bit strategic about the combinations you put on the court. In “club” netball there seems to be this trend by some parent coaches to just rotate players on and off indiscriminately.  And to play them in “whatever” positions.

I don’t really suscribe to this view – I think you can give everyone a similar number of turns off, but still be a bit clever about the combinations you have on the court, and also to let the girls get a bit of experience playing certain types of positions.

So today another mum and I worked together on the rotations with our youngests’ team, and lo!  – they  went through undefeated!  We gave each other a big high five on that. Not that the girls didn’t do all the hard work! but we were pretty chuffed to see our strategy make a difference, and then watch on as they burst with pride collecting their trophies at the presentation at the end of the day.

It’s a tiring day standing around in the sun, but worth every minute to see what the kids get out of a day like this.

And our youngest (with very big netball shoes to fill in the wake of her two big sisters) is starting to play really well.  I confess, at times, we wondered if she had the hand-eye coordination. Maybe she’s missed out on those genes, we’d think. Maybe netball would never be her thing. Her catching always seemed a bit.. gawky.. I suppose – compared with her big sisters at the same age.   This year she’s really become a “thinking” player – and today I really noticed an improvement in her game – softer hands, more intuitive catching – a trend that seems to have coincided with a stronger prescription for her glasses, and starting to wear them to play sport. Hard to believe that being able to see the ball clearly from down the court might help!




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2 responses to “A good day and a proud mum.

  1. Linda Dalrymple

    I am so glad to hear that you had a better day today after yesterday!

  2. Tracey

    Yes indeed, no dramas or annoying behaviour from anyone today! A gold star to all the parents concerned!

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