I’ve lost my job

No, I haven’t been sacked from kitchen duties… more’s the pity. And, no, noone’s muscled in on the laundry either.  Or the vacuuming.

Hey Tracey – you were nodding off there for a minute – I think you were dreaming – you had this silly, soporific smile on your face

Um.. where was I?  Yeah.. I seem to have lost my new “job”.  The  paper run. Where I could get paid (peanuts) to, um, exercise!

Well, today Ms 10 is doing it all by herself!

I feel… redundant.

This is essentially only the third week of the job. (The people managing the circulation have big-time communication and organisational issues, and so while I informed them we couldn’t do the first week of the school holidays – because of the short notice since we took up the run, AND the fact that they couldn’t even tell me how much it paid – they managed to stuff it up completely for TWO weeks! Apparently the papers were left outside our house the week we were away, and then last week, when we were back and able to do it..  no papers!)

Turns out it pays $15.90, which is.. OK. Better than $12 – so I accepted the run. But I have this very capable assistant it seems.  And, she wants my job!

Back on the second week, I had left half the run for Ms 10 to do when she got home from school,  and I walked with her for the first bit. She finished it by herself, and was gradually getting the hang of rolling the paper up (even if she then wipes her sweaty face with her inky hands, and comes in looking a bit like a Black and White Minstrel. No close-up photos – she refuses to let me take one. Doesn’t like being laughed at or something…!)

Anyway, she is all keen and enthusiastic to earn herself some money (like her big sisters do) , and as she has a free day today (school goes back tomorrow), she’s out there and at it right now.  Buoyed by success, and the lure of lucre,  she also filled in for her big sisters with their Bigger Local Paper run last Wednesday (she’s going to be rolling in it!)  Once school is back, darkness may prevent her from fitting in the whole run on a Monday afternoon until the days get longer- so I guess I will still do half the run during the morning.

But  I can see that the days of me earning myself  “coffee money” are numbered.  Looks like I’m going to have to find myself another job. And another motivation to exercise!




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5 responses to “I’ve lost my job

  1. Oh darn…

    Just read the previous post (where there are some clues about this job) and am now exhausted. Does your dd want to write a few P&C reports for me?

  2. Well good for her! I wish I could find something like that for #4.

  3. Have you changed the look here again… am having trouble keeping up with ya! Love the last pic…

  4. Tracey

    Hey BB – haven’t changed the look at all, I’m kinda stuck with this template layout unless I want to pay for an upgrade. (Which, in the Blogger vs WordPress debate, is one up for Blogger, IMHO.)

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