… I have also been at PowderRoomGraffiti , where I have been embracing my inner dag and suggesting something I think they should invent for mothers everywhere.

I’ve also put up some photos of our tandem trip. (Click on the image to link to it.)


I’ve done the captions for these photos TWICE now – as the first time I managed to lose them. With the map, they give an overview of where we went, and where we stayed, etc. Facebooking them into an album is the quickest way of getting them up on the net to share with a range of people.

Today I’ve also done more washing, which seems to keep coming out of the woodwork. And I keep looking at the vacuum cleaner and the filthy floor and thinking I should be doing something about it all. Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee and ponder it.

Something more like normal blogging transmission due to resume.. sometime soon.



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2 responses to “Meanwhile…

  1. So that’s what you meant to say the first time round.

    Great stuff at the Powder Room.

  2. Great little articles over at PRG – well done you!!

    Oh, the call of the wild vacuum cleaner drives me to caffiene options also…

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