Trifling with the Elements.

Flirting with Mother Nature and Father Time today.  Why does it have to rain the day before a trip away – a day that I am trying to make sure all clothes are washed and dried in preparation for packing? Shouldn’t be allowed to rain when you’re trying to do that.  It’s one of those really annoying ‘showery’ days (if you can call occasional heavy downpours “showers”) interspersed with blue sky and sunlight.

With one eye on the BOM radar, I snuck out and hung a few things out to dry, and, a couple of hours later pulled them in, just before a total downpour. At least, today I’m managing to stay one step ahead of the Mother.

Meanwhile I’ve been glued to the computer, plotting our bike routes for our tandem trip. I’ve been taking screen shots, and printing them off into small maps that I can look at as we ride.  Most of our chosen route is pretty obvious, but the most time consuming thing has been determining the best route in and out of Newcastle, using bike paths where possible. I’ve used an RTA cycling route map, and got down and dirty with Google Earth satellite view, and Google Street View. I’m going to have such a sense of déjà vu while we are riding.  “Hey wow, this street looks familiar somehow…  Have I been here before?”

I’ve yet to figure out how to attach the maps  to the back of M’s shirt, so I can navigate as we ride. Hope I’ve made them large enough so I can see them without my glasses.  Hope it doesn’t rain while I’m trying to do that. Hope he is patient. (At least he can’t bring “Karen“.)

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re doing all that though. Father Time is now standing there, watch in hand, tapping His foot.  Tick, tick, tick.  “It’s already 2 o’clock! Did you really need to spend ALL morning on that? Are you going to have time to make that banana cake? What are you doing for dinner? Are you seriously thinking of cutting up that pumpkin and making pumpkin soup?  Have you even started packing? Have you done packing lists for the girls?

“Have you really got time to blog?”

Guess not.

I’ll attempt to log in and say hello while we’re still at my parents’ place.  If I can manage to do so without my mother huffing and puffing. We get in trouble there if we talk about computers. Lucky she hasn’t been hanging around here today.



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2 responses to “Trifling with the Elements.

  1. Pin a ziplock bag on his back with the map inside. If you can’t read it clearly just tell him to lean back a little.

    Have a grand time.

  2. Ohh – good luck and safe pedalling!

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