Countdown panic begins… NOW.

We’re heading off (again) on Friday. I do it every time before a trip. “Plenty of time to do this… and that…” then…

… suddenly it’s only two days to go, and the stress is on. Why am I not more organised?

It’s time to make lists of things to pack, and things to do before we go. Time to curse my husband for buying new pants that he needs me to hem. (I’m not quite sure why long pants for a man who is already 6ft are always too long, but it’s always this way. I don’t actively encourage him to buy new pants because I hate hemming them. And he always wants me to do it just before we go away somewhere. Grrr.)

Washing. (Thankfully it’s a good drying day out there.) Need to make sure everyone’s clothes are washed. And sorted.

The house needs a good vacuum.

Eep! I’ve not done all the maps for our bike ride.  I need to look up the train timetables for Ms 16 and I to get to the city on Saturday for the SYTYCD tour show.

*Make note note to remember to pack tickets.*

Tomorrow I have to make a banana cake for #2’s netball team (and coach and manager) to nom nom on at State Age. (And the Husband will be saying “Why are you baking just before we go away?”)

I’m about to take Ms 10 up to school late. She woke up feeling iffy in the tummy – but seems fine now, so she may as well go.

I have to pick up Ms 16 from school at lunchtime, as she doesn’t have Rock Eisteddfod practice during sport time. That’s fine. She can clean her PIGSTY of a room. It’s a pity there is no lock on her door, as I would lock her in there till it’s done. Absolutely DISGUSTING. But that’s blog fodder for another post.

But anyway, I don’t really have time to be blogging, so what am I doing here?

90 minutes later:
It’s just rained on my washing. There is trackwork on the rail line I want to use on Saturday (meaning buses, meaning more travel time, so option B will be to get Hubby to drop us off somewhere else).  And I haven’t hemmed the pants yet.



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2 responses to “Countdown panic begins… NOW.

  1. Linda Dalrymple

    love reading your blog but i know i should put the washing on, it is only a coulpe of buttons on a machine but i can’t be bothered, thank heavens i don’t have to find a flowing river and sit there all day scrubbing maybe i should get up now, NO, i want to read another one of your blogs. am i procrastinating? no, i am catching up with a friends life…….that voice is telling me to get up, i wish that voice would SHUT UP…blah blah

  2. Tracey

    Ah Linda! You’re a fellow housework procrastinator, as well as a fellow dag! I think I’m going to enjoy catching up with you in Real Life at the reunion!

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