When am I?

It hit 24 degrees today. (That’s 75 degrees in the old money, btw.)


It’s meant to be winter, that’s all. Elsewhere in the world they’re all but calling it a heatwave when it’s not much more than that temperature. [OK, I jest. A bit. It’s all about what you’re used to – I do know that!]

We  have a really mild climate here, on the mid-north coast of NSW.  We’re about half way between Sydney and Brisbane.  It never gets too scorchingly hot in summer, and, as you can see by today’s temperature, the winters are pretty mild.  It doesn’t stop people going silly with their wood fires, or getting rugged up (like I saw one woman this afternoon) – heaven knows what they do when they go somewhere that’s actually cold!

You can’t get too rugged up in winter here. It might start out chilly (lowest overnight temp this winter so far was 3 degrees.)  But you just never know. The next thing you could be stripping off the layers,  and wishing you’d had a spare pair of  shorts and a sleeveless top in the back of the car.

I just looked up some more stats, and the highest recorded July maximum for this area was 30 degrees in 1958!  (Lowest maximum was 12.)

Not complaining though. AT ALL! I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon, in shorts and short sleeved top, and I just drank in the clear blue skies, which are a godsend after all the rain we’ve had. (1.6 m so far this year.)

Just kind of wondering if I’ve accidentally time travelled to Spring or Summer.

Tell me, it is July 1, isn’t it?

Still. 24 degrees. Sunny. Warm. Winter.

I can cope with that!


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