I told you so.

As predicted yesterday afternoon, I lost connectivity again with the ADSL line as soon as I changed modems and then, as also predicted, I couldn’t get it back with the borrowed one.)  I’d resigned myself to potentially another evening of no internet, when the phone rang. It was a Telstra technician, and, lo! – he had fixed the problem.

And it WAS related to what the other Telstra tech had done last Friday when fixing the crackling on the phone line.

He had excuses for him. Said it would have tested ok for him. Whatever. Obviously there’s a difference between voice line techs and broadband techs, or something.

But it’s pretty hard not to be cranky as hell with both Telstra and our ISP who have wasted FIVE days stuffing us around because of their frigging PROCEDURES. When I told Telstra 15 minutes after the voice line tech had left “Hey, but now our internet is stuffed – it must surely be related.”

But, no. Telstra can stuff your broadband connection, then fob you off because you buy your broadband connection through another company, who then pays Telstra for it. (Why did we choose the other ISP? – because they had better plans…)

I am pretty tempted to ring Customer Service Guy from Telstra. (I had more interactions with Telstra than I went into in my last post…). And I am about to write an email to our ISP to demand credit for those five days (though you’d have to wonder if the few dollars that we might get back is worth the effort.)

[Just did some calculations – is it worth it for potentially getting back a mere $7.50?]

At some point you just want to scream at these organisations for wasting your time and not taking any notice of you.

These helpdesks just insist on going through a procedure that has no logic.  As M. said last night.. “Far out, if we’d just seen a backhoe cut through the phone line, and told them that, they’d still insist that you “Change this setting in your modem.”

So, last night I managed to reconnect things back up so that the two family desktops were connected (go me!) – and then the kids fell upon them like junkies who have scored for the first time in nearly a week.

Or like me getting my first real coffee in five days.

I can’t imagine where they get these addictive tendencies from.



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2 responses to “I told you so.

  1. I’ve come to believe that nobody cares. You can construct a decent argument or you can scream bloody murder and nobody cares. I’d go for the money just on principal….in a most calm manner just to annoy them.

  2. Oh welcome back, Trace!! That would suck bananas BIG TIME.

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