These washing instructions are pants.

adv_pantsMy Travel pants arrived in the post yesterday. (Actually, they are called “Adventure Pant” – which to me  conjures up images of being somewhat out of breath, but maybe that’s just a cultural linguistic thing . In Australia we say “pants “… not to be confused, of course, with the British colloquialism , which incidentally I love, but haven’t yet managed to slip into everyday conversation. At anyrate, these pants are not pants. Or maybe they are….

So, yeah,  I’m all excited about a pair of daggy pants. Weird, I know. Confession time here  – I browse the travel clothing section in camping and travel shops in the way that normal women salivate over designer clothes and shoes. I never got round to doing the global backpacking thing when I was younger, so maybe it’s just some sub-conscious urge to get out and see the world.  We’ve never “travelled” enough to justify buying them till now, so I’m kind of chuffed about getting  a pair.

And they fit! Which is a great relief, and they feel as comfortable as the lighter shade I tried on in the shops the other week. Happy days. I’m ready for Adventure with my Adventure Pant. (Not so happy days for anyone who is bigger than this size 16 – the largest size they make – because obviously you are not entitled to adventure if you are a bit on the ‘plus’ side … what the heck  is with that?)

Now, these clothes are designed for travel convenience. Lightweight,  easy to wash and dry, etc. You’d think.

My usual M.O. when I get a new garment is to check the washing instructions. Which were:

Wash separately.
Do not use detergent or fabric conditioners.
Rinse thoroughly after wash.

Can anyone help me out here?  I thought I’d misread it, seeing I was squinting at the small print with my middle-aged eyes.  I got my glasses … nup, that’s what it says. “Do not use detergent.”

The fabric conditioner part I understand, but if you can’t use detergent, what do you use? We’re travelling and adventuring here, folks. Carrying a little tube of travel detergent rather than the range of products you might have on your laundry shelf.

So do you just rinse them? Que?

But it says “rinse thorougly after wash”  If you’re not washing them in anything, isn’t the rinse process superfluous?

The instructions were written in French as well – which I understand a smattering of –

Ne pas utiliser de detergent…

Nup. That’s pretty clear.

More information on the website, it said. So I went there, and I can’t find any washing instructions anywhere. I’ve sent them an email, but, meantime it’s filed under “What the???”



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5 responses to “These washing instructions are pants.

  1. I want to know the answer when and if it comes.

    Maybe all you need to do is stand out in a rainstorm and you are washed, rinsed and good to go.

  2. maybe a vinegar rinse? “wash” them in…what…chocolate? Maybe you should wash them with bar soap instead of detergent. Maybe they just want you to buy some more when those start to get…er…y’know…stiff.

  3. I was thinking along the lines of Rootie – perhaps detergent is limited to the liquid or the powder and the loophole is in that definition.

    I did work for a swimwear company once. Instructions on one costume were “do not expose to chlorine, sand, sunlight or harsh surfaces” – which sort of ruled out anything except night posing.

  4. Trish

    maybe those lux soap flakes people wash baby clothes in?

  5. Tracey

    Well, still haven’t heard back from them, so that probably means i’m not going to …
    You’re probably all right about the soap, either Rootie’s bar or Trish’s flakes, but I wish they’d spell it out (and suggest what should be carried to wash them in on a long trip (this coming cycle tour isn’t long enough to worry about – unless of course i spill something on them!) Otherwise I’ll be afraid to wash them, and will have to stand in the rain!

    LOL about the swimwear jeanie!.

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