Plastic apocalypse.

I’ve just cleaned out The Plastics Cupboard. The corner cupboard in the kitchen that I’d given over to plastic containers and the like had pretty much exploded inside.

I know that I’m a chronic hoarder, but I’m not quite sure how it gets SO bad. I mean, how the hell do the contents multiply (to the point where you struggle to fit anything in there anymore) while at the same time losing  at least 20% of the either one or other of the container/lid combinations?!

But it had got to the point where you couldn’t find a bloody container when you needed it. School lunchbox time was a nightmare. You’d chop up some fruit, but then, despite having a ‘small container’ basket, and a ‘small lid’ basket, you couldn’t find a lid to match.  And when you tried to put bigger containers away, you’d have to do a wedge-in job, then slam the door shut quickly so everything didn’t topple out. (No mean feat when it’s a hinged corner double-door affair.)

Plus it was getting icky. (But let’s not go there…)

It’s a job I’ve been putting off for months. Months AND months. ‘No time!’ .. ‘It’ll give me a sore back.’ Etc etc.  Probably I started it today as a housewifely task to justify my decision to quit the TAFE course. (If you can’t manage to study, Tracey, then perhaps you’d better start behaving like a proper housewife.)

After doing a mad cleanup the other weekend before the Building Designer appointment, I’ve also resolved to try and make some headway into the Mess.  Every day, I told myself, I have to clean out  something.  Doesn’t have to be a big job (like the plastics cupboard), but it has to be something. When (not if) the renovations start, we’ll have to possibly move out, so minimising the STUFF is something that’s got to be done. Nevermind the fact that living in a pig sty probably doesn’t help anyone’s state of mind.

We are in such a mess – not just in the plastics cupboard. And it’s a mess that won’t be conquered in a one or two day blitz (with ensuing garage sale.) We are chronic hoarders – and I’m particularly bad – I admit it.   Some of it is probably a hoarder gene (my Dad is a shocker.) Some of it is a leftover from the preschooler days, where you saved all manner of containers and boxes, and Stuff! for craft at home, and at preschool. I’m long past those days now though, so I don’t know why I perpetuate the habit.

And some of it is a “greenie” streak within that is so ashamed of the materialism and accumulation of junk, that I can’t bring myself to throw stuff out. All that stuff in tips and landfill is a disgrace! So, Reuse! Recycle!  My mantra. In that order. First option is Reuse if at all possible. “That could come in handy one day”, so I’ll keep it. Store it. And never ever use it.

So, effectively, I’m using my house as a tip anyway!

This particularly applies with plastics. Containers. I’m chronic. But, seriously.. how many plastic containers can one family possibly use?!  And, wonderful as Tupperware is, it gets pretty crappy after twenty years, so, for god’s sake woman – Just throw it out!

I have changed, I swear. RUTHLESS is now my middle name.

So .. today. Lots of perfectly good containers or lids that are basically useless because they’ve lost their lids or containers?  Out! Into the garbage bin or recycling bin. Gone!

But there’s also a box I think I”ll have to take to a charity shop, OR just put out on the kerb with a ‘free’ sign. (It worked for some old beach and sand toys the other day. The old ‘someone’s trash is another’s treasure’ thing.)  I mean, all those little plastic ex-honey buckets – with handles! Someone else might use them!

So, I’m about to get back in the kitchen to finish the job. Just tell me – how many ice cube trays do you think I should keep – just in case?



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2 responses to “Plastic apocalypse.

  1. Ha – Jeanie just finished telling me I need my Tupperware drawer sorting. And I got all “I’ll do it when I am good and ready thanks!” knowing full well that it will still be in the same state when she visits next time! *sigh*

    I only brave the tidying of it when the drawer won’t shut any more! So ‘well done’ you!

  2. traceelements

    Lucky you have a good relationship with your sister! I’d have clocked mine if she told me I had to tidy up something!

    The cupboard had got to the point where it was hard to shut without things falling out, so I guess it had reached that benchmark!!

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