We’ve had a bit of ‘weather’ round here.

So, yes, we’ve had a bit of rain. Don’t I wish I could ship it up to places where they need it. Like around BushBabe’s place.

This is what the backyard looked like this afternoon. Reckon I’ll be wearing my gumboots to the clothesline for a while, once the sun is out again. And once they are dry, because some silly person left them outside and they filled up with water the day the rain started. Ahem.

And the wind last night decided to help us along with the renovation project. When we moved in 11 years ago we said ‘That verandah needs to be knocked down and rebuilt.’

I guess some people just take a while to get round to doing things.

Ever since we’ve barely used it, and more recently pretty much banned the kids from going out there. “Too dangerous” we said.

And you can see why. Heard a thud last night as it was blowing a gale.

“What the heck?!”

“Oh. The verandah railing. Guess that was bound to happen sooner or later.”


And then a bit later, the second one came down.

Guess it’s lucky we have that appointment with the building designer. One less thing for us to have to demolish.



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2 responses to “We’ve had a bit of ‘weather’ round here.

  1. Small mercies, hey? The first pic loaded in my feed but not here…

  2. traceelements

    That pic had misbehaved for me too. Have reloaded it.

    Been out this morning surveying the carnage. Husband doesn’t have anything good to say about the builders of this house. A very badly built verandah.

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