I’m a power and caffeine addicted clairvoyant twit.

OK, I’ve done my equivalent of Earth Hour over the past two days. We’ve now had a couple of very short power outages in the scheme of things, but each time they’ve left me wandering around aimlessly. No computer! No internet! AND no coffee (just when I was ready for another one!)  What’s a woman to do?

Ah well, I could clean, couldn’t I? The house is desperately in need of cleaning, but I’m always too busy with the computer, and drinking coffee and that. Cleaning. Right.

But with the dark and gloomy weather that no doubt caused the blackouts in the first place, the ground floor of our house is  … dark and gloomy. And, you know, it’s hard to clean when you can’t see what you’re doing. Isn’t it?! (Back me up on this, someone!) So. Scratch that as an option.

And then, well, you know you have an addiction problem when you find myself with the urge to twitter this predicament you are in, only you can’t because, duh, the computer is down.

Also, I’m just not with the program. My mobile phone (or the prepaid plan I’m on) isn’t ‘up there’ enough to connect to Twitter. I found myself texting my husband, and even my mother. (The latter is a pretty rare thing, so it’s an indication of the loose end I was at.)

More wandering around aimlessly. Dammit, I couldn’t even boil the kettle to have a coffee. And I can’t think without coffee.

The wind and rain seemed to have eased slightly, so I decided there was only one thing for it. I told the girls that I had one sure way of getting the power back on:

“I”ll go out to the shed, get the trangia camping stove, and make myself a coffee. I guarantee the power will come back on pretty much as soon as I’ve done that.”

So I did. And, of course it did. Just as the water was coming to the boil.

I should be able to hire myself out with that skill. (What would you call that, by the way? – Not just clairvoyance. I mean, I didn’t just predict an event in the future, I made it happen. Mostly, in that area, I fit the jinx department, but in this case, I used my powers for good. Right? )

Meanwhile, with a coffee under my belt, and the computer and internet back up and running, I’m getting stuck into the cleaning.

Yep. Right after this.



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3 responses to “I’m a power and caffeine addicted clairvoyant twit.

  1. Ha… nice to know I am not alone… and I recommend gas. Not the intestinal kind. The bottled-to-stovetop kind. And a generator. Ah, life on the land!

  2. SD has the ability to make things work when they weren’t, just by walking in the room. Makes me nuts.
    And, housework in the dark? I’m totally with you. It’s hard to see wads of dark doghair without lights, and reading can always be done by flashlight.

    I also recommend bottled gas. We have hurricanes here, and bottled gas and generators are standard issue.

  3. I would love to be cooking with gas, so to speak. Should put that on the wishlist for the big renovation. (Better to cook on, and it’s not such a hassle if the power is out.) We do have the gas camping stove, which has been used before today for cooking dinner during a blackout. There’s the gas bbq as well, so we wouldn’t have starved.
    Somehow, in suburbia (as we are, despite being in a regional area) generators aren’t very common!

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